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Yu Xu tearful remembrance of "Golden Peacock" enlightenment teacher: tough youth optimism – Beijing female cadet building eye-catching slogan. Zhang Yao photo Beijing, November 14, Changchun (Li Yanguo Jin Qiao) "Peacock" Yu Xu has gone! "In September, she was back at the opening ceremony of Air Force Aviation University, and we were still having dinner together." Teacher Wang Lu 14 Aviation University of air force and recalled Yu Xu in together time, several degrees sob. 12 this month, the first Chinese annihilates – 10 female fighter pilot Yu Xu, killed in flight training. Official data show that Yu Xu was born in 1986 in Sichuan, Chongzhou, enlisted in September 2005, the air force two pilots, flight captain. 2005, Yu Xu was admitted to the Air Force Aviation University, the Chinese air force to become the eighth batch of female flying cadets, she was a physical education teacher Wang lu. "It is the first time I troops, 24 hours a day with them." Here, Wang Lu tears brim over with tears. For female flying cadets, physical training is extremely difficult. "Xu Xu has strong will quality, every run 3000 meters she is running in front, never cried bitter and tired." Wang Lu recalled that winter morning exercises training run down collar students full of cream, Yu Xu sometimes add practice. The air force aviation university campus Hony roadside, with a female cadet building, Yu Xu enrolled in the school when he lived here, learning. Go into the blue appearance of the building, "the traditional female fly: beyond the self, firm and indomitable courage to sacrifice, dedication," several characters especially eye-catching. "Come to us, their dream is to be a good fighter pilot, everyone is the same." Wang Lu said that the excellent quality of the Yu Xu to become China’s only a few of the pilots with the qualifications of the flying machine. The air force aviation university campus Hony roadside, with a female cadet building, Yu Xu enrolled in the school when he lived here, learning. Photo by Zhang Yao at the Bayi aerobatic team, Yu Xu is named the "golden peacock". As a matter of fact, she is also a beautiful peacock". Wang Lu introduction, when the school had a theatrical performance, Yu Xu will give everyone to jump the peacock dance, she did not specifically studied the dance, with a full view of the video to imitate the dance very well. "She is full of vitality, youth flying." Was Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of Air Force University professor Yu Xu Department of culture Zhou Liping conceal his grief, "Yu Xu often smile will bring positive emotion to a lot of people." "She’s gone, we’re so sad." Zhou Liping could not express his feelings in other languages. At present, Yu Xu’s alma mater has been her alma mater at the air force aviation university to learn, live a little bit of time to gather together, produced a video clip to cherish the memory of the outstanding students. Reporters from the Air Force Aviation University, a bunch of white chrysanthemums were placed on the side of the school gate, swaying in the wind. (end)相关的主题文章:

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