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The girl behind the matricide case: Net quit school violence why no one pipe network era, the original title: "quit school network" is based Author: Li Yiguan’s rebellious children can teach bad addiction — someone’s net quit school posters, they can not only teach the child, but the use of violence as a means of further injury this school children, why has nobody? This is a real tragedy. After the Mid Autumn Festival reunion day, the taste has not yet dispersed, together with the "girl matricide case surprised very others. In Heilongjiang City, Zhaodong, 16 year old Chen was kidnapped and killed his mother, after she had just come out of a network as a problem juvenile correction school ring out. "Girl", net quit school, disqualification of life, constitute a heavy picture, although there is no evidence of the "girl who" and "net quit school" directly related, but the problem can not be said. Details of the clues. Chen Xinran in the post school log, record the process she was set to "trap", during the period of school instructors corporal punishment beatings or even be asked to eat the toilet. Net quit school more than alumni also tells the story of campus violence, to a certain extent, evidence of the school is "terrorist, selfish, disqualified cage". This place called Shandong defense science and Technology College, in many schools, teachers, management of doubt, the Education Department of Shandong province has set up a joint investigation team in province, in conjunction with the collaborative investigation result is worth looking forward to the public security, civil affairs. Behind a network ring school is a special group of secular eyes — such as addiction, weariness, rebellion, is also a need to strictly regulate the supervision, ecological education. With the development of China’s Internet, the network school, but also with the exposure of the disciplinary approach and questioned. So far, the field of network ring is still confusing, vague, there are many institutions, how many patients, how much cure rate, seems to have become a mystery. Education can not be a confused account, related to the child’s physical and mental health is even more so. Net school is aimed at the so-called "problem juvenile" and the creation of education and correction methods are different from the general campus culture. Is there a scientific and effective education system? There is no education method an antidote against the disease? Are there any educational standards available for evaluation? These questions have been tortured by the network quit school and education sector. The reality is not optimistic. Have their own "Kung Fu" each net quit school, hypnosis, acupuncture, cry, shock, drugs, physical training "Gexianshentong", the "chaos" "miscellaneous" and "black" early exposure, but has not yet been cut off, which shows the absence of relevant departments in the construction and supervision of rectification on education. In fact, these means have deviated from the education and treatment of common sense, the consequences are often, many children in the school, the mind and the body is two damage, and even hatred, revenge on society, parents of extreme behavior, "the girl who may have planted the seeds. Times are changing, and the external environment is changing. In the past, the school network ring closed, militarized management, strong to allow patients to stay away from the Internet; today, mobile phone network all over the world, has become a "body", what’s more, Internet addiction is not the spirit of this disease is controversial, in this case, the school will ring network such as Hao相关的主题文章:

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