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Yihua Group Chairman: it is recommended to cancel the fertilizer tariff to accelerate mergers and acquisitions hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated Trading Client Securities Times reporter Ceng Can in Shanghai at the 2016 China international petrochemical conference, Yihua group (Hubei Yihua shareholders) chairman Jiang Yuanhua said that the China fertilizer industry is currently facing the most difficult in the history of the period, recommended the abolition of the fertilizer export tariffs, arrangement of gas based urea enterprises involved in natural gas production, reduce the peak of chemical fertilizer enterprises, electricity costs continue to increase the intensity of the merger and reorganization of enterprises. At present, China is already the world’s largest fertilizer producer and exporter, urea, phosphate fertilizer production accounted for more than 40% of global output, in 2015 the total domestic exports of various types of chemical fertilizer more than 30 million tons. However, the continued decline in product prices are making fertilizer industry is facing huge losses pressure. According to Jiang Yuanhua introduction, this year, the cumulative average price of urea has dropped to about 1200 yuan per ton, lower than the same period last year, about $30% in the first half of the industry wide losses of up to $4 billion 500 million. Jiang Yuanhua said that according to the actual situation facing the current situation, the export of chemical fertilizer is an effective way to ease the pressure on the domestic market, but the tariff has become a burden on enterprises. To this end, he suggested that as soon as possible to cancel the export tariff of various chemical products to help the industry as soon as possible out of the woods. On the other hand, Jiang Yuanhua also suggested that the peak production arrangement gas based urea enterprises involved in natural gas pricing policy, seasonal difference, in order to reduce the gas from urea production costs; at the same time, the opening of the industrial electricity price control, reasonable to reduce the electricity price for the production of fertilizers, help domestic fertilizer enterprises out of difficulties. In addition to tariffs, natural gas and electricity prices and other aspects of the policy, Jiang Yuanhua also believes that accelerate mergers and acquisitions is an important way to get rid of the plight of the domestic fertilizer industry. Jiang Yuanhua introduction, statistics show that even after the merger and reorganization of the group, there are more than and 70 urea enterprises, of which there are more than one million tons of production capacity, the other 51 annual production capacity of only a few hundred thousand tons. Therefore, Jiang Yuanhua suggested that further get rid of trans regional, cross ownership mergers and acquisitions system obstacle, so as to enhance the industrial concentration, improve resource utilization, and ultimately the formation of a number of internationally competitive large enterprise groups. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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