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Xinjiang Habahe County snow snow lasted nearly 30 hours (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Urumqi, November 11, (Wang Xiaojun Du Linfeng) by the strong cold air, Habahe County, Xinjiang Snowstorm Weather in Aletai area, the snow lasted nearly 30 hours, bad weather caused by local people travel inconvenience. Habahe County Public Security Bureau launched an emergency plan, the organization of police departments to set up a temporary checkpoint combined with the flow of patrols to strengthen road management. Du Linfeng taken 11 days, reporters from the Habahe County Public Security Bureau was informed that, as of now the snow continues, the evening of 10 to now, Habahe county has reached the standard of Blizzard snowfall, according to the Local Meteorological Bureau forecast, the snowfall will continue until November 12th, great impact on traffic. Habahe County Public Security Bureau in the county road to Jimunai County, Habahe county and Buerjin County, 23 km road, important sections of Habahe county to the 185 regiment and set up checkpoints baihaba Road, divert traffic to remind the passing vehicles to slow down, pay attention to traffic safety. Habahe Blizzard weather, the vehicle was blocked, the police on duty to help the disabled vehicle. Habahe County Public Security bureau. Taken Aletai area meteorological station 10:20 on November 11th issued a yellow warning signal at Blizzard, Western Aletai, northern persistent snowfall, accumulated snowfall in more than 10 mm above the snow depth 15-20 cm. It is expected that during the day to night, the north, the east along the mountains and mountains continue to have snow, part of the heavy snow, snow depth will continue to thicken. Strong snowfall weather on traffic and animal husbandry greater impact, pay attention to strengthen prevention. According to the local traffic police department, snow has lasted nearly 30 hours, up to now, the thickness of snow up to 13 cm. The local police in inclement weather, stick to the line, to remind the past people slow down. Habahe County Public Security bureau. Taken to strengthen the snow weather management of road traffic safety, Habahe County Public Security Bureau launched the emergency plan, organize various departments to set up a temporary police checkpoint and mobile patrol combination, strengthen road management. Police on the bus, via the transport of dangerous goods vehicles and other key vehicles one by one check, to prevent overload, overcrowding and other serious violations occurred, and remind the driver of slippery snow, slow, keep a safe distance, the police patrol on key sections to strengthen the patrol control, ensure safe and smooth road. (end)相关的主题文章:

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