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Wuzhen is a river, the festival is inside the fish – Sohu culture channel in Wuzhen there is no train station, it is in the center of Zhejiang rich land, but in traffic and formed around a cushion of the sense of isolation. You must pass through the expressway across large tracts of farmland and countryside to arrive, these landscapes become a transition between modern city and the ancient town, in an hour or longer time in the road, Wuzhen always exist in your imagination, and accompanied by you before from the advertisement or get someone else in a word or two impression continued fermentation. At this time, Wuzhen is the whole of a clear edge in your mind, similar to a the Peach Garden or Utopian field, but it was out of shape, so close to a theater or a closed garden, it allows you to generate a short and the world cut off the feeling.   the closed in the area at the entrance was again reflected, the ticket acts like a ritual, and into the theatre, before and after that time will be divided into two kinds, one is Wuzhen time, a daily time. If this kind of division is put on the Wuzhen Drama Festival, it can be divided into the festival time and the daily time.   in October 13, 2016, the road to Wuzhen appeared in more than the past car, the past few days, the peak flow has emerged. Some printed with "Wuzhen Drama Festival" black Mercedes symbol as partly hidden and partly visible into the traffic, become a precursor of this activity. The reception at the entrance to the West Gate Scenic Spot, a huge poster has posted strong exposure of the facial features, the actor face exaggerated makeup, composed of many cool posters and stills to create out of the absurd after modern style, let you have been before entering into a kind of drama stimulant. There are some posters confused tourists, they seem to feel puzzled about everything in this place, but also some excitement, so make friends with congenial persons, photo taken. Of course, more or admiring audience, from a series of data for billing can know this festival appeal. "Chicken" in the network plays the guest billing day, 7 minutes sold out all screenings, the festival billing for 8 minutes, the box office will reach 1 million, invoice within 24 hours, sold a total of 21508 tickets, the whole drama festival ended, the booking rate of more than 97%, but also a new high since four.   after entering the West Gate Scenic Spot, is the drama festival world. The whole west gate Street, are hanging Festival streamers, each featuring a picture of a drama master, and dressed in overalls or wearing all kinds of documents are flow marks, and most illustrative of what is happening here is a ubiquitous street theatre. The show ring belongs to the whole carnival, they will Wuzhen into a giant stage with the most direct way, and that the people would mean they have become the audience.  : so, you can see this in Wuzhen: a white actress performs on the eastern promenade, No.相关的主题文章:

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