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Wu – Gobel staged a comeback with Racova A- round of 16 [news] Gobel 2-1 Pulis winning the first US Open Season korva Grand Slam twice crowned Gobel qualify for the top 16 Tencent in September 27th China sports WTA super five tournament tennis tournament in Wuhan today to the women’s singles second round competition. Top seed, Germany’s Gobel in three by 6-7 (4), 6-1 and 6-4 beat France’s May Radanovic, the success of the third round of promotion. Together with the promotion of Gobel and Czech’s Covey Tova, Poland’s A- radwanska and American players Keith et al. In this year, Gobel has won the Australian Open and the two Grand Slam champion, also boarded the throne of the world, the race to the top seed in her identity, her first round bye game opponent today is currently ranked fifty-fourth in the world, the French player Maillard Norwich, who beat American player Vandeweghe in the first round in the game, the two players had 2 games unbeaten record, Gobel. Today’s first game, first serve May Radanovic, two players start to fierce competition for each completed 2 times to break a 6-6 flat before the 12 inning, snatched in 7 games in Norwich to seize the opportunity to break the continuous mellard top seed serve two hours at small 7-4 win the first disc. The second game, Gobel gradually reversing the field situation, she was close to 80% in the disc of a scoring, not let the opponent get a break point, and then in the 3 break points to break the success of 2, she finally keep ahead in after successfully won their serving the board to regain a 6-1. The decider, Gobel’s play is very stable, she in the disc of a scoring rate of 85%, in his serve only lost 7 points, not to allow rivals to get a break point, and then seize the opportunity to complete the 1 key to break, she finally to clinch a 6-4 win thus, with a total score of 2 to 1 to reverse the third round opponent. The game takes 2 hours and 16 minutes. Gobel in the first round opponent will be the No. 14 seed Covey Tova of Czech’s today, the latter two sets 6-3 and 6-1 to beat Ukraine star J Vito Nina. In another competition, the tournament No. 3 seed, Poland champion A- radwanska against currently ranked thirty-seventh in the world of the Russian women Maarova, two players had 6 times against A- 4 wins and 2 losses dominate bystrica. Today’s first game, first serve Maarova, two players start their own security 1 times, A- radwanska in the third inning to complete break and followed to keep his serve to obtain Bureau 3-1 lead, then two players issued their own security 1 Bureau rewriting 4-2, Ma Kalova in the eighth inning to complete reverse broken bureau divided up into 4-4, but A- radwanska in the ninth inning again to complete the break and followed to keep their serving dish Bureau 6-4 to win the first set. The second game, A- radwanska complete control of the field situation, she remained at 90% or more in the disc of a scoring, just lost in her Serving Bureau)相关的主题文章:

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