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Wrong is not believe a telephone fraud Xu Yuyu, but dereliction of duty in every aspect of our Sohu technology both casino advertising, lottery or mobile phone arrears, almost all people have experienced various forms of telecommunications fraud. From the function of the era of text messages and phone calls to the era of smart iMessage spam. Just as we have against the haze, a trained against telecommunications fraud "fitness" — no one thought, a freshman, not only has become a victim of telecommunications fraud, also lost her life. Linyi, Luozhuang District girl Xu Yuyu, scored 568 points in the college entrance examination this year, was admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, her life has just begun, the future is bright. 19 afternoon, a disguised as an educational institution to provide grants fraud phone end of everything: the other side of the phone, said Xu was awarded a $2600 grant, but she needs to hit the first account of the tuition fees. Xu Yuyu did it, she called the liar 9900 yuan tuition, and then realized that he was cheated. On the way back to the police station, Xu Yuyu cardiac arrest, died on the 21 day. Every day there are tens of millions of fraudulent phone calls, text messages issued. The new trick out, there are people to be deceived, loss of money amount ranging from, we won’t be able to see all the scam on the Internet for the first time. If it is not because of the volume of a human life, I am afraid that this incident will not be so much attention. We are so used to telecommunications fraud that we have tacitly accepted it as part of our lives. When the phone call fraud, most people’s standard action is to hang up or ignore. Few people can chat with each other, even to call or conversations screenshot sent to micro-blog, so that we can make the most of new tricks as scripts to consume content. We see the Internet Co, such as 360, Tencent, telephone and so on, through their different ways to provide users with telephone numbers and fraud prevention function. The built-in number library and anti fraud function has become the most domestic Android mobile phone standard, even if there is no can also be achieved through the installation tool application. Apple iPhone slow action in the prevention of fraud, but also announced on the WWDC this year, the number of mainland China cooperation with Tencent to provide the database. A typical phone number database, first from various sources (such as yellow pages, its website information is collected and classified) telephone number, the number of a few million, more than 100 million. With the number of database users to install software on the mobile phone, mark be able to receive a strange phone, the caller is "express" or "room", or in the telephone fraud cases, labeled as "telephone fraud". Each user is marked a fraud phone, a total of tens of thousands of people, the database synchronization to all users of the phone, the phone will receive a phone call when the fraud will be automatically removed. Unfortunately, according to news pictures show, Xu Yuyu may use only an old connaught.相关的主题文章:

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