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Woman exposes and Michael Tse is envious of him about the gun: wife woman suspected exposure Michael Tse Michael Tse private photo studio Michael Tse couple Sina entertainment news recently, about eight small wife "I and brother laughing issued" sleep, self exposure and Michael Tse [micro-blog] about guns in Guangzhou. The female friends praising Michael Tse kiss cattle, is a large living well, and good envy laughing brother’s wife, the speech is very explicit. The friends said that while Michael Tse’s bath Tianhua candid watches and name card. Currently, Michael Tse did not sound, broke the authenticity to be verified. (he lost) "my brother laughing and slept well, and is" the laughing brother slept, Taikoo Hui Guangzhou on the edge of the Mandarin Oriental, on the evening of 1, the same field as if there are several TVB star, laughing brother agent in Oh, what seemed to be a famous lawyer in Hongkong. Laughing and I said we were going to get the lawyer, and then we got a little fat man, a lawyer, to drink. Candid photos were pressed in the following business card is the lawyer’s brother. Because they can not take pictures so no pictures, small wife timid dare not to contact, even forgot to sign the final!!! But what is the relationship! Sleep sleep, negative distance, who cares about the photo haha. Laughing brother is really good gentleman gentle!!! Kiss skill is 6 to not ha ha ha! Road turn powder road turn powder road turn powder, good envy laughing elder brother’s wife oh, happiness and sex. Laughing is a good living, well, is a large living well, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Memorable year!!! This can also be regarded as the pinnacle of life. The public don’t see the president of the brain is good, after all, I don’t want to fire, don’t want to be the G, were sprayed with being treated as hypochondria. As to how to see the laughing brothers on these privacy I can not say. Ha ha, I really was! Not only to take advantage of laughing to take a bath with brother photographed his table, and what the name card, laughing brother sleep not to turn off the lights, ml to play music, midway also took me on the sofa. Oh, blushing haha. (commissioning editor: shining)相关的主题文章:

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