Women’s account is 9 yuan almost no invasion of the police uncovered hacker tricks win7codecs

Women’s account is 9 yuan almost no invasion of the police uncovered the hacker tricks you buy buy buy, he lied to deceive! And to a year of "chop hand Festival", "double eleven" near, "cut the hand of the party to pay attention, every time, is the high incidence of network fraud! Ms. Hou in Quanzhou recently received a so-called customer service phone, saying she needs a refund of the failure of shopping. In fact, Ms. Hou at first there is still vigilance, but why is the trick of the scam? With the view of the police case secret: hacking shopping platform under the guise of refund deceptive money Quanzhou when MS in the Amazon shopping platform, buy a commodity. A few days later, she received a claim to be the Amazon shopping platform customer service call, the customer service staff said, when Ms. shopping is not successful, need to refund to the victim, landing their Amazon account view, Ms. hou to open their own half believe and half doubt Amazon shopping account that does show shopping did not succeed, the customer service staff said. But you pay, we now give you a refund. Ms. Hou saw his account that will not be false is asked customer service staff called to refund, the customer service staff told a link to her account page click on the link, you can fill out the relevant refund data, in this way, Ms. hou to fill in their name and ID number, bank card and bank account card password. After the completion of the customer service staff said there is the last procedure: the site will send a dynamic verification code, Ms. hou to dynamic verification code, and then sent to the customer service staff, so that the refund on the success of the. Ms. Hou phone really received 3 verification code she easily put the 3 dynamic verification code to the customer service staff. Then, Ms. Hou received SMS reminder, she had been transferred out of the card more than 96 thousand yuan. In fact, the so-called customer service staff is false! Fake! Fake! She does not want to send a refund dynamic verification code but the bank transfer dynamic verification code! Ms. Hou did not see light suddenly, hurriedly call 110 alarm! Start an emergency stop function immediately after the alarm the police fortress, successfully cheated money frozen, shortly after the implementation of fraud suspects Lin Moubin was arrested in Longyan. In the end is how crooks scam? Police: the use of criminal suspects, the victim’s account into the Amazon, the victim’s shopping records hidden and then implanted a phishing site fraud! No matter how the police remind the fraudsters phishing tricks, we all need to keep in mind: do not provide bank account and password to strangers, especially the verification code! This may be the last barrier to protect the safety of your property, if you encounter fraud also timely alarm, so as not to cause greater losses. Check "now liar double eleven" common trick will accurate fraud, "double eleven" period, many scammers have been eager for a fight, "procurement resorted to exhaust all the skills". Xiaobian remind everyone, keep your eyes open, beware of falling into the trap of liar! 1 customer service refund scam posing as fabricated like Ms. Hou encounter fraud, fake customer service is one of the common trick! In general, the network transaction payment, refund will be used to pay the bank card refund, let alone will not provide the buyers again;相关的主题文章:

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