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Without fear of snow way tiger car with your safety travel now the car has become a lot of people every day to travel the necessary transportation. The performance, safety and comfort of the car when it comes to noun, or may the engine, chassis suspension is many people first thought, but to say that a component with these nouns have something to do, it must be non tire. For cars, the brakes and tires are the most important vehicle safety devices. In recent years, due to the owners to ignore the maintenance of the tire caused by traffic accidents are not uncommon. The reason that the winter tire is easy to slip on the icy road is not the ice itself, but the water film formed on the ice after the ice melts. General tire driving in the snow on the road, the soft snow into the tread groove formed in the column, the snow under the pressure of the relatively loose, when the tire rolling snow column is easy to cut off, unable to provide the driving force of the tire, the tire slip. The frozen road seems to be very flat, but in fact it is uneven, tread the harder tyres are not well pasted on the road, will also lead to skid. Now, the way tiger car has for your car to consider properly! Without fear of snow, the way tiger car opened special snow tires, step by step, peace of mind, with your safety travel. And the tire is full of thousands of minus one hundred, the highest can save 300 yuan. In the price of goods, product quality, consumer experience and services are constantly meet the needs of consumers, to guide the automotive market to a healthy, rational and sustainable development.相关的主题文章:

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