Within two years of the new premises heating equipment development and construction units to repair winflash

The new heating facilities within two years of development and construction issues unit maintenance or compensation in order to strengthen the quality management of heating heating facilities within the warranty period, to further clarify the development and construction units and heating units of responsibility, avoid the user complaints when both heating affect the normal heat mutually making excuses, and formulated the "Dalian Municipal Construction Committee of the new building heating facilities within the warranty period the heating problem of division of responsibilities Interim Provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the rules), and has been issued to the heating unit and the development and construction unit. The provisions apply to the administrative area of the city’s new building heating facilities within the warranty period of heating management activities. The user does not meet the standards and other issues, should be complaints to the heating unit; heating facilities, product quality and construction quality problems, complaints to the development and construction units. In accordance with the provisions of the "Dalian heating heating regulations": heating project quality warranty period for two heating period. During the warranty period, the quality of the product and the project shall be damaged, the development and construction unit shall be responsible for the maintenance and replacement, and shall bear the liability for compensation for the losses incurred. Fails to fulfill the obligations of warranty or delay to fulfill the warranty liability, extended warranty period. Development and construction units can be entrusted to the heating unit warranty. As a result of heating pipe network blockage, affect the quality of heating, development and construction units shall be responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the pipe network. Reporter Li Ying相关的主题文章:

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