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Where would you like to go if you have a free ticket? Original title: give me a ticket I want to travel around the world! Lead: give me a ticket, I want to travel around the world! It’s a pity that there are so many interesting places in the world, so many interesting places, not playing. To introduce the world’s most popular tourist attractions, leaving the most beautiful memories of the trip! (source: StyleMode Chinese network) first: First: the Grand Canyon of the Grand Canyon of the Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders known to the world, is located in the northwest of western Arizona on the Kaibab plateau, a total area of 2724.7 square kilometers. As the Colorado river flows through it, it is also known as the Grand Canyon of Colorado, which is one of UNESCO’s protected natural heritage. Second: Cairo, Egypt, if there is no Egyptian ancient Pyramid on a list of "going to the tourist attractions", then the list is incomplete. These are not only the mysterious temperament of Pyramid, but also a real worth seeing, and they are also one of the oldest man-made structures in the world. Third: the United States of Florida, Florida the most beautiful scenery in the palm beach is one of the world famous tourist paradise, suitable climate, beautiful beaches, exquisite food, art exhibitions and performances, even the most discerning tourists in palm beach can be satisfied. Fourth: New Zealand’s South Island of New Zealand in the South Pacific, west across the Tasman Sea and Australia sea, west of Australia, 1600 km east of Tonga, there are many smaller islands throughout the mountainous area, mountainous area accounts for 50%. The South Island West of the Southern Alps to the majestic Cook peak 3764 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the country. Whether lush rain forests, clear lakes, or grassy hill and clear water and white sand beaches, all show the charm of new zealand. Fifth place: Turkey Antalya Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, by countless mountains, is a good place for swimming, surfing, water skiing, boating, hiking, skiing. Rows of palm trees constitute a boulevard, a very beautiful historic pier, and delicious dishes are the charm of the city of Antalya. Sixth: the Golden Temple of India Golden Temple is located in the India border city of Amritsar, as a Sikh holy land, Amritsar means "nectar pond". The Golden Temple by Sikh fifth patriarch Arjun in 1589 presided over the construction completed in 1601, has been 400 years of history, because of the size of 19 circular temple and temple roof are covered with gold, in the sunshine, very dazzling, the Sikhs has long been known as the "Temple of god".相关的主题文章:

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