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When the U.S. presidential election outcome? Swing state poll end time see road – Beijing, Beijing, November 8, according to foreign media reports, the 2016 election competition, at the last moment the situation is still uncertain. At present, the voting has begun in some parts of New Hampshire, local time at 8 on the evening of the end of the swing part of the voting, the final outcome of the election may be able to initially appear. U.S. media summed up the evening of 8 swing state voting end time (the following are local time). Late 7: Virginia and Singh Hampshire are the first to vote in the swing states, some of the towns of the vote in the end of the evening of 8 to the end of. Hilary is expected to lead in Virginia. If Hilary can not win in the relatively high proportion of African American and college education, Virginia, the election results may be late to be clear. At present, Hilary in New Hampshire’s public opinion support rate is only slightly ahead. If she is ahead of expectations in the state, it is a good sign that she has a dominant position in the lower minority states. If you lose in the state, the audience will be prepared to stay up late to see the results. Beijing time on November 8th, in New Hampshire Dixville pass town, voters will begin to vote in the 2016 United States presidential election began voting on election day. For the public display of airdrop boxes. Florida also ended voting at 7 pm, the northern panhandle will be delayed by the end of 1 hours. Florida is the place where Trump can’t afford to lose. If Hilary can get a large number of Hispanic voters and win, she may be in the party for a long time before the bag. Late 7:30: North Carolina and Ohio voted to end, and the two states are also Trump must win, otherwise out of the state. Both Democrats and Republicans have said that North Carolina is the closest to the nation’s two, and Trump has some advantages in Ohio. US presidential candidate Trump holds his campaign on the last day before the election. Reported that if Hilary won any of these States, this year’s election is likely to end". If Trump took the two states easily, that would mean a low turnout for African Americans – a trouble signal for Mr Hilary. Late 8: the 18 states began to report results, including Pennsylvania and Michigan. Trump has been the Democratic Party’s traditional turf in Pennsylvania and Michigan as a key for their 270 electoral votes, and the two week, the two candidates have shown support rate close to. If Trump wins in Ohio, Florida and North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan have decisive significance. 9 PM: United States President Obama (left), former U.S. President Clinton (right) together to help Hilary. This time, after the vote in favor of the Democratic Party, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and New Mexico. Hilary’s poll ratings in these states have been a big lead, and it’s hard to see a chance for Trump to win. Arizona, the Republican Party, is voting at this time. .相关的主题文章:

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