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WeChat launched the "small program": the application of distribution of the next scene, the developer will decide on what path to follow – Sohu of science and technology in September 22nd? Morning, Zhang Xiaolong announced a "small program" in the circle of friends, that is before the application of WeChat, "a small program" is a new application form, no need to download can be used to make application. The application of "at your fingertips". "Small program" has officially started closed beta, which is reminiscent of the Tencent’s App Store applications treasure. In 22, the Tencent cooperation conference site, announced the deepening application of "Bao +" and the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, also directed at "content and services within reach of direct distribution form. WeChat "apps" and the application treasure application + "pedestria, it is worth pondering the deployment of the Tencent. Mobile Internet brings the prosperity of mobile application ecosystem, App showed explosive growth, more and more people into the mobile entrepreneurship. But with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the developer’s situation has become increasingly difficult, new opportunities? This is a problem that has long plagued developers. The application of the forum sponsored by the application treasure, may have given the answer. At the same time behind the upgrade, the application of treasure and WeChat in thinking about what? In January this year, WeChat open class activities, Zhang Xiaolong threw out the concept of "application", in his view, WeChat public number is not the intention of the dissemination of content, but to provide the service, "we are discussing a new form, called application no.. Users concerned about the application number, like the installation of a App. "Coincidentally, at its 2015 Tencent global cooperation, the application of treasure released" application + "strategic plan, through experiential distribution and direct distribute content and services within the App extracted, re organization, and then sent directly to the user. And following the introduction of the application + strategy officially launched a year later, the application of treasure announced a comprehensive upgrade application + strategy, and proposed a new robot distribution model. WeChat’s application number applet also unveiled a mysterious veil. According to the application of this forum, mobile application platform Tencent general manager Zhou Tao introduced, in the past when users search through the application of treasure, taxi drops, there will only be Uber App, but added the robot distribution function, the new robot droplets can directly provide a taxi service in the application treasure. And even more powerful is that users can voice and robot dialogue. Wake up in the droplets of the robot, it will automatically appear in the application of treasure robot list, at any time waiting for users to use again. From the product point of view, whether it is a new application or application + strategy, in fact, there is not much difference between the two, the core idea is the application of embedded platform is not too high after provide services directly to users. Tencent aims to better content and services to connect with the user, and hope that the user’s behavior is to stay in the Tencent empire after all. This is also the Tencent to connect all the strategic embodiment, and the logic behind it is worth pondering. Although today’s mobile application ecosystem is still very prosperous, but the data show that from 2013 to 2015, the application of Top100.相关的主题文章:

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