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Want to play a long holiday, the car is critical. 3008 you feel swollen what kind of car you – Sohu in the last two days, I ACW two lovely not pro, go to law (here must be read four times) in china! Yes, to see (Wei) car (GE) Exhibition (Zi)! 2016 Paris launched the car ah, which released a number of new cars are too lazy to sister number. Various brands, various models. Seemingly in this volume of the show, there must be eye-catching performance car. For example, the new BMW 3 series GT, MITSUBISHI GT-PHEV concept car, as well as Peugeot GT, such as 3008. Compared to many GT, 3008 GT seems easier to have. The exterior and interior design details, the GT dynamic fan is enough, and it is equipped with a PSA 2.0T BlueHDi diesel engine, and the matching of the code for the 6 speed automatic transmission EAT6, the maximum power output from this power system can reach 180 horsepower. We see GT this presentation, let me think of the design of the new 3008 Dongfeng Peugeot, also use a lot of metal matte texture + straight lines, have to say that this design is the best match to cliff dynamic and sense of science and technology. Two days before the new generation 308 just listed, not to live happy lion body powder lying still on my mind this Peugeot has released a sonorous, resounding and prolonged, the heavy car at the Paris auto show. Even his car multiple rhythm is the National Day holiday to China lion powder dope ah, have you thought, I finished with eleven excited what holiday? You ang ~ ZiJiaYou ah, anyway, the south before the national day two days of rain, must make travel plans. As a veteran of a small midlife crisis experience, dutifully on holiday travel or have the right to speak of drops. Let me talk about the choice of a long vacation. My aim is to have a lot of people must not go, spend a few people say that the air is not good. So the general Jie will pick up some 200 kilometers from Shanghai, the mountain is not high, you can climb the kids can throw stones, green mountains and rivers. I have written here that I expect the number of messages to be posted tomorrow. I can only say that this place, but in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, you message me, I will quietly tell you to this place is Da) a need in three aspects of safety, space, performance good SUV. If you like I had pulled the car in the rain can not see the mud, and scraped into the chassis, you would agree with me. Where there is love you and the person you love, when you buy a car you will first consider the safety performance. At this point, Dongfeng Peugeot’s models of high security as early as many years ago has been recognized by Chinese consumers. As SUV models, in July this year to the new 3008 biggest change points listed falls on the active safety level, in addition to the main passive safety system of the level of SUV in general with the outside, the new 3008 top models are also equipped with a ADAS intelligent driving system, which integrates the pre front collision!相关的主题文章:

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