Wang Feng for the promotion of the enlarged recruit! The mysterious instrument is a heating tube-ppbox

Wang Feng for the promotion of the enlarged recruit! Mysterious musical instrument is a heating pipe musical instrument similar to the heating pipe Jay Chou on’s Sina entertainment news, "China’s new song" this week, [micro-blog]PK, playing mentor to war. In order to successfully qualify, Wang Feng is also a broken heart. In this field he turned music director Liu Zhuo, released the big kill, with the heating pipe manufacturing mysterious instrument, first stage magic eye, the effect is not good either, by the critics praised. Wang Feng’s "dream team" for the "small surface against the strongest team, in the face of the enemy, Wang Feng is best for heart Paibingbuzhen, guide students to rehearse, and he let his students out of the ordinary bend over backwards. A male disciples sang said, "some adaptation I first thank Wang Feng teacher and teacher Liu Zhuo to me this song do, joined from some musical instruments of Xinjiang, so I can have some other expression when singing this song." These instruments from Xinjiang gas field is very strong, which has a shape is like radiator, Wang Feng said this instrument to thank Liu Zhuo’s recommendation, I proposed that the song has a special instrument, can make people anxious, he recommended." He said that the instrument is very unique, it can only be done with heating pipes." Eye-catching appearance does not say, its performance form also does not take the unusual way, "and not to put this blow in the mouth, is put in here, you look like he has been with a bloody mouth talking to you." This radiator more than fun, Wang Feng said, "there is a place for a smaller instrument, there is a tail is long, the music also adds a lot of emotion." Even Harlem Yu teachers have repeatedly praised, we have a lot of miss Liu Zhuo teacher." Na Ying [micro-blog] is also behind the Liu Zhuo team, "is full of talent!" The power of the radiator is not small, also helped Wang Feng pull a ticket, the audience judges have been conquered, the scene to vote for the "heating", called "I was affected by the heating pipes." "Heating" does not necessarily win whether finally, mainly depends on the player’s singing. (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章:

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