Villagers slaughtered sheep found more than 50 grams of sheep treasure value or up to one

The villagers sheep found more than 50 grams of "sheep treasure value or millions of original title: Jiaozhou villagers sheep found more than 50 grams of stone value reached millions of villagers found the" sheep treasure "Qingdao evening news three days ago, 66 year old villager Wang Delin in Jiaozhou Licha slaughter a ewe, an accident the strange eggs removed from the liver. Yesterday, after the initial identification of animal experts, this strange egg should be rare sheep treasure, has a high medicinal value. My father found a strange egg in a ewe, a lot of villagers are guessing is’ sheep ‘, I hope experts to help identify." Mr. Wang Jiaozhou people call our hotline for help. According to reports, a few months ago, Mr. Wang’s father bought a sheep from a neighbouring village, the original plan to increase the income of her birth. Can be recently found that the ewes have less food and more and more thin, worry about losing money but it will be the slaughter of pharaoh. Can be found in the process of killing sheep, a brown egg found in the liver. The neighbors see guess, this strange egg may be "sheep treasure", which makes him and his family and then help the newspaper "unlock the mystery". The reporter saw in the Wang family, similar to this strange egg and table tennis size, surface covered with brown spots, smooth appearance, holding hands do not feel heavy, feels hard, no special smell smell. Reporter survey found that strange egg diameter of about 4 cm, weighing about 50 grams. "This strange egg if it is’ sheep treasure ‘, we can really pick up the baby home." Mr. Wang said happily, he found that the Internet search, recently, a slaughterhouse in Guangxi also found two sheep treasure, add up to only 50 grams, said to be worth as much as several million dollars. And Mr. Wang’s home on this strange egg weighing more than 50 grams, if it is a sheep treasure, then, the value is certainly not cheap, for which he and his family for a few days excited. "Sheep Po is the stone of the sheep, is formed by indigestion, food residue condensation, with high medicinal value and collection value." Wildlife Protection Station Engineer Chi Renping said, Yang Bao is stone sheep gallbladder, bile duct, hepatic duct and other organs, is also a kind of precious Chinese herbal medicinal efficacy similar shortage, bezoar, and donkey Bao Zhusha. Chi Renping preliminary judgment through the picture, this strange egg should be rare sheep treasure. Source: Qingdao evening news editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章:

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