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Under the shadow of Taiwan power crisis, energy policy turn triggered unrest – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Liu Shuling) in October 25, rarely Taiwan power supply problems highlighted in the fall of October over the same period on the occasion, the Taiwan authorities are speeding up the revision of "power law", in order to renewable energy for nuclear power generation. The foreign media as a "rare in Asia" policy, is exacerbated by the Taiwan industrial and commercial sectors uneasy. Taiwan recently continued to usher in a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, since the 19 day of the first calendar year in October showed "power warning light, month has electricity reserve rate of 4 days in Taiwan History" ten low ", the power supply crisis broke into public view. Just over the same period, Taiwan administrative agencies through the "electricity law amendment", to make renewable energy accounted for Taiwan energy ratio from the current less than 2% to 20% before 2025, completely shutting down nuclear power plants, in order to reach a nuclear free homeland target. The case is expected to be submitted to the Legislative Council during the year. For this purpose to make renewable energy fast in place, to make up the waste nuclear power gap left by the policy, the public questioned. On the one hand, renewable energy in Taiwan solar energy and wind power, thermal power and nuclear power generation cost is higher than the purchase price, the corresponding increase, rising price will be the future. On the other hand, renewable energy growth is difficult as expected. Wind power, land wind power growth has been nearly saturated, the future development of offshore wind power in the main, but the difficulty and uncertainty of the project increased significantly. Professional analysts pointed out that the future can be determined, is to provide a steady supply of energy to reduce quickly, supply of renewable energy is not stable increase slowly, the latter cannot replace nuclear power or thermal power base load power requirements become (24 hours a day at a constant rate for the production of electric power grid system, meet the basic minimum electric power demand). This means that the future of the entire power supply will enter an unstable high risk, high electricity prices era. "Nuclear waste" is an important proposition of the Democratic Progressive Party, but after the ruling, the evaluation of public opinion is highly desirable "non nuclear home" policy will hurt the competitiveness of Taiwan’s economy? As a foreign investor groups, the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei city this year issued a white paper pointed out that the semiconductor manufacturing industry and high-tech industry is the backbone of Taiwan’s economy, power outages or voltage instability, will cause equipment damage and halt production suffered huge losses; Taiwan energy is almost entirely dependent on imports, adequate power supply special challenges. The Group believes that it is difficult for Taiwan authorities to achieve non nuclear, carbon reduction and other goals, but also do not undermine the competitiveness of enterprises in Taiwan. Recently, the person in charge of Taiwan’s administrative body Lin and the major business groups, stable, reasonable price of electricity supply has become a major focus of the issue. Especially to business people worried that Taiwan in 2018 will continue to shut down due to nuclear power group facing power shortage problem, but then how to implement measures to limit power, so far no authorities propose solutions. (end)相关的主题文章:

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