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Ukraine, Deputy Minister of the 14 year old daughter began to work to promote the rocket was questioned – Sohu news [Global Times Roundup] this promotion is not an elevator, but the rocket." This is the Internet users in, Awako J, Minister of the interior of the appointment of only 24 years old, Anastasia, deputy director of the evaluation of the deputy for the assessment of the situation of the year, the former Deputy Minister of the interior of the state of Ukraine. The Ukraine observer website reported that 14 sources, caused a great disturbance in Ukraine society, netizens have on this appointment expressed strong dissatisfaction. At the same time, Geyeva announced some sexy photos on the social network is caused by hot Internet users. Russia’s "Morning News" 14 reported that the criticism, Awako J said, Jieyewadang worthy, and called on the Ukrainian people to give Geyeva some time. Ukraine’s interior minister assistant Anton Guerra? SAST said: "I know Geyeva, she has a rich experience in the work of international organizations, familiar with business etiquette and dealing with the rules of diplomatic personnel." Public information, Geyeva was born in Ukraine Qieernige, had been in the United Kingdom, Sweden and other countries to study, business. She was involved in politics from the age of 17, 2009 in the Verkhovna Rada (parliament) on a project in College students. Due to outstanding achievements by the then members, and later served as foreign minister Kozar appreciation. Russia’s Communist Youth League newspaper reported that the square revolution to awaken her patriotic enthusiasm. She interrupted business from Sweden to return to work in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine. According to reports, Geyeva previously responsible for fire control reform work, its responsibilities include the supervision of foreign grants issuance and use in the work; was appointed Deputy Minister, her main job is in charge of communication with officials and members, for the smooth implementation of the European integration agreement and modify the laws of Ukraine according to European standards. However, due to the alleged breach of the relevant appointment procedures, the appointment of a variable. The Communist Youth League newspaper reported that Geyeva’s resume shows that she has 10 years of seniority, which means she has been working in the UK since she was 14. Russian media pointed out that, in fact, the young man appointed as vice ministerial level officials in the Russian precedents, 2012, Russian President Putin appointed the 29 year old Nicola Nicky? Fuluofu served as Russian Minister of communications and mass media, so he became Russia’s youngest ever minister. But Russia did not question this. (Liu Yupeng)相关的主题文章:

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