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U.S. intelligence agencies on the South China Sea: China blew in preparation for military action — military — people.com.cn original title: the U.S. intelligence agencies on the South China Sea: China blew in preparation for military action in mid August, the South China Sea Fleet landing ship detachment of the organization of a new air transport boats landing training, training troops combat capability. Pictured is the hovercraft landing. "China construction of artificial reef is to prepare for future military action, to control the entire South China sea." In the South China Sea cools the occasion, the American media two days suddenly stir up the news. More unusual is that this voice from the United States has always been a low-key intelligence agencies – National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) director Cardillo. He claimed that the Council is carefully monitoring and recording Beijing in the South China Sea every move. At the same time, the United States is trying to win over Philippines and is lopsided. The latter had been made to hype the South China Sea "as the starting point". U.S. Assistant Secretary of state Russell, 12, said the United States hopes to maintain stable bilateral relations. However, in the outside world, this desire is not easy to achieve. The "Philippines star" said 13, Philippine President Walter makes us very difficult to relax. U.S. national interest website 11, said Cardillo rare in public testimony, said NGA is The Pentagon’s diplomatic and military return to the Asia Pacific to play a key role in support. "We’ve started intelligence work, using big data analysis and methodology to detect hostile threats." He said that in the South China Sea, its institutions are closely watching China’s military development, trying to answer a key question is China’s intentions. At the hearing, Cardillo on the China intention judgment is that the construction of Beijing South China Sea Islands is mainly for military purposes, to control the entire South China sea. U.S. media quoted him as saying, "we have found that the structure and equipment and military related, at least it gives Chinese permanent garrison in the reef may". Experts at NGA say they are preparing for future military operations. Cardillo overwhelmed by the reason why is known as rare, because NGA has been low-key operation. Also note that this unusual move, the Asian times, said the NGA’s predecessor was the national picture and map intelligence agency, the U.S. Department of defense and the national intelligence security department. The bureau to "know the earth, guide the road, understand the world" as the motto, through spy satellites and reconnaissance aircraft to provide information and image interpretation. The Washington freedom lighthouse website, one of the intelligence agencies under the The Pentagon expertise unknown, is found to cheat foreign intelligence agencies, secret operations, strategic camouflage camouflage and deception. U.S. national interest website said that the first time this year, The Pentagon in China’s annual military report used a lot of photos and maps NGA. The report and Cardillo’s testimony that U.S. intelligence and information on wrestling is the South China sea. "The South China Sea and the military facilities is increased by the threatening degree of ascension", Chinese naval expert Li Jie 13 of the "Global Times" reporter said, the United States has sent ships, aircraft into the South China Sea area, even shouting "continue to cruise the South China Sea, never retreat)相关的主题文章:

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