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Turkey dissatisfaction with the EU did not fulfill the promise of refugees threatened to tear up the original title: Turkey agreement fails to fulfill commitments dissatisfied with the EU visa agreement threatened to tear up the repatriation of refugees in new network on 4 November, according to foreign media reports, Turkey’s foreign minister cavusoglu dissatisfaction with the EU visa has not fulfilled commitments, and threatened to cancel the Turkey before the end of the EU between the repatriation of refugees protocol. According to reports, Turkey’s foreign minister cavusoglu said in an interview: " Turkey patient near the end, these days the European Union not to reply, then we will cancel the agreement. " " he also said: we will not wait until the end of this year, only the original to the deadline to the end of October. It is reported, " cavusoglu here refers to the implementation of the Turkey citizens entering the EU’s commitment to free treatment. In March this year, the European Union and Turkey agreed, calling on Turkey to stop the agreement from the EU has to the wave of refugees, and receiving illegal refugees being returned to Turkey from the Greek island. The European Union agreed to take the Syria war refugees from the refugee camps in Turkey, and to the Ankara government funding and manpower support, as well as visa free treatment, etc.. But the EU also said that Turkey to meet the 72 prerequisites. Cavusoglu stressed that the precondition of Turkey on Brussels proposed to respond and to seek solutions, but in the Anti Terror laws in Turkey, not in accordance with the requirements of the EU revised " this did not discuss, but " " and we keep the EU refugee agreement also wants the EU to perform promise. " cavusoglu also criticized some European countries to tighten their anti-terrorism law at the same time, the EU has asked Turkey to relax the " " counter-terrorism measures, if so, will let the people of Turkey as the government " on counter-terrorism efforts weakened ". One of the preconditions for the EU’s proposed deal with Turkey is to amend some of the controversial rules of the country’s anti-terrorism law. Critics argue that the government of Ankara to use anti-terrorism law to suppress political dissidents, let their outspoken silence. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章:

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