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Trump was elected president, Apple fans cry, because the iPhone price of Sohu technology to the presidency, Hilary and Trump for 10 months of debate, speech, canvassing and intrigue, finally settled: Trump the "super red net" has become the new US president, finally get to the White House, at the time of travel sit on air force one, and a Cadillac car. From the real estate tycoon to the president of the United States, Trump is destined to be a legend. The outcome, which is expected by many, will give the world a chain of predictable and unpredictable reactions. So what does Trump have to do with our digital users? The answer is: the relationship can be big. Trump is a shrewd businessman worth tens of billions of dollars, is a "program" to create a successful in the official career TV star. He played Twiiter and Facebook is also familiar with superabundant, he knows how to mobilize the users of all emotions, he stared at the opponent’s vulnerability to attack, he can always be attracted to their head up topic. Experts say that Trump’s victory is the victory of the red economy…… However, the fact is that Trump is not a high tech president. Hilary candidate team configuration of more than 50 people have the luxury of Silicon Valley science and technology team, technology development department (Techonology), digital media (Digital), data analysis (Analytics), the core members of all from Google and other leading Internet Co. Trump’s science and technology support is more around the Twitter social media, with Hilary is not a level. Of course, the reason for Hilary’s failure is also closely associated with the science and technology: Internet privacy caused by mail too lightly be the straw that broke the camel. Hilary luxury technology candidate team and Obama keen on the use of blackberry, Hilary likes to use their own computer mail is different, Trump far away from the internet. BlackBerry Obama Bloomberg, Trump is not a EMAIL, without a mobile phone, "as if living in the Middle Ages", in a program, Trump revealed Twitter tweets are actually "write", he used the word write, which indirectly indicates he does not personally touch high-tech products, but write down again by the buddy input Twitter campaign. This can explain why Trump while the Twitter from iPhone for a while from samsung. Even more frightening is that Trump does not just do not like the Internet, these high-tech, in line with the current concept of the ruling concept of universal values. Surely we all remember earlier this year, apple and FBI continued for several days of tug of War: a terrorist with the mobile phone iPhone were obtained by FBI FBI, with the hope that Apple unlock apple to protect user privacy in the name of rejected the request, the choice of Apple by almost all Silicon Valley heavyweights support, eventually I found FBI?相关的主题文章:

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