Trump opened a hotel near the White House $twenty thousand a night to open soon ca1290

The Trump white house near the hotel for $twenty thousand a night to be opened in Beijing – U.S. Republican presidential candidate, the real estate tycoon Donald? Trump 12 in Washington to open a new hotel suite, twenty thousand dollars a night, just a few blocks from the White House, called the nation’s most luxurious hotels. This hotel is called "Trump International Hotel", opened in Pennsylvania Avenue, the hotel was built in 1899, the old post office building, 96 meters high, is the Washington city, the third high-rise. This historic building is a neoclassical architectural style, the Trump family in 2012 won the contract for 60 years, the building lease. Renovation project in 2014 near the start, decorated on 12 day investment business, the entire project for $212 million. It is worth mentioning that the hotel is an excellent location, only 5 white distance from the White House, walk ten minutes to. The main face of high-end customer base, a total of 263 rooms, one of the cheapest room nearly $900 a night, with an independent entrance of the Trump Villa Suite $twenty thousand per night. Trump himself appeared in the hotel that afternoon, and his photo and the hotel staff uploaded to social media twitter. The hotel is scheduled for November 8th the official opening ceremony held before the presidential election date. (Wang Hongbin)相关的主题文章:

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