Truck rollover 30 bulls pigs on the high-speed traffic police when the catch Sahuan swineherd Beijin-candle june

Truck rollover 30 bulls pigs on the high-speed traffic police when the "catch the swineherd Sahuan" – Beijing Zhoukou newspaper on November 12th afternoon, a bus carrying 30 long pig truck for tire, in Ningluo speed Zhoukou section of 478 km rollover, frightened "two brothers" on the high jump chaos Sahuan brings great risks. For traffic safety. After receiving the alarm call, high-speed traffic police rushed to the scene as "catch the swineherd", with more than 1 hours of the 30 pigs all gathered on the train, to restore the loss for the driver. 12 at 1:30 pm Xu, Zhoukou city traffic police detachment high-speed accident police rushed to the scene. "At that time, we see the rollover truck occupy a car overtaking lane, the pig is on the way random jump, the rear of the vehicle can only slow traffic, the situation is very dangerous." Went to the disposal of the police said, in order to prevent the "two brothers" greater scope to run, the warning area set them all the way to the police, to divert traffic; another way police are as a "catch the swineherd", holding the pig back to local branches. After more than 1 hours of unremitting efforts, 30 bulls pigs were all back to come to the rescue of the truck, not a head of the lost, not a head hit. The whole process of traffic order is very stable, there is no two accident.相关的主题文章:

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