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[topology show notice] pay to pay the person in charge of the business of Liming: the charm of the convergence of payment and prospects – Sohu technology with the rapid development of mobile payment, the user is faced with too much choice of payment channels. Businesses also need to gather multiple channels and decentralized data, so the emergence of aggregated payment. What are the issues that can be addressed by aggregate payments? How to ensure the efficient and reliable payment? After paying for the entrance, how to extend more financial services? The current topology show we invited to pay to pay business executives to share the topic for us. The charm and the prospect of this topic polymerization payment you will hear: the guests pay payment business leader Bai Liming has stayed in the development center of the people’s Bank of Chinese clearing center software to participate in the one or two generation payment system (large, small, super online banking etc.) development and design work, the China Everbright Bank China (head office) information technology department core system the team participated in the development of design work, in union pay (third party payment) products department is responsible for accounting, design account clearing and settlement, reconciliation, risk control and other work. On pay pull pull pull was founded in. Is an internet financial services provider to provide the overall financial cloud solutions for start-up companies. The company’s payment of SDK seconds is currently one of the most mature services. Can be achieved on behalf of a variety of payment channels open, the product can be implanted into a SDK speed access. And supporting the provision of order management, operations management, automatic operation and maintenance of wind power monitoring and other value-added services. At present, the financial cloud services include: provide account management, for the enterprise, supply chain finance stage IOUS and other financial services solutions. The main members of the team, respectively, from Bank of America, Google, IBM, BAT and other well-known enterprises. Determined to use IT technology to create a new financial cloud service platform. How to participate in the time of November 9, 2016 (Wednesday) 20:00-21:00 – place – WeChat group (topology agency limit 500 people) – – the registration agency, public attention topology (ID:tobshe) click the menu "topology" show, registration activities (scan code attention Oh ~) – especially said Ming – this group located in the enterprise vertical the field of service related field buddy not invited into the group by half an hour before the start of Oh invitation activities began after the pause at the invitation of activities相关的主题文章:

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