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Tonight at 18 and the next Pharaoh hole master together with the "light of dawn" blue 3D action adventure Mobile Games "dawn light", the new version has been officially launched in October 27th, this version as a free flight trilogy of the second, since when the game player who were on show constantly exciting. As the upcoming blood air version, full of gunpowder had been flooded with the game, in order to make a better understanding of the game player in the game is wonderful, the official specially invited to the dragon ball TV "Pharaoh" and "the hole" two headed anchor for you to show the unique charm of the adventure game player "Li Ming light" in Mobile Games. "Dawn of light" hand Swim live drama will begin at 18 tonight! The funny humor known and has over 1 million 160 thousand people subscribe to the ultra popular game "anchor" when Pharaoh "in the light of dawn" Mobile Games full line on the platform has been in for the game player who brought wonderful live experience. The air on the eve of version, "Pharaoh" again and want to see in the sky on the fly Wang Fan of the game player can not miss. With the "Pharaoh" as popular games anchor "hole" is the debut! The same with great entertainment color, more than one million the number of fans, and has made hundreds of thousands of fans can not extricate themselves for magnetic sound "hole" in what will be the position for game player who show him in the "light of dawn" the adventure, he will "Pharaoh" wipe out what kind of spark? We can find out what we’re doing tonight. Blue harbor interactive 2016 most powerful, the first 3DMMO action adventure Mobile Games, opened the new magical adventure for the game player! Dawn light hand travel for the first time to achieve the three terminal (mobile phone, computer, host) interoperability, the use of a number of innovative technologies to create a real 3D magic world. "Light of dawn" Mobile Games new version was officially launched in October 27th, has a cool appearance, exclusive skills, and can greatly enhance the combat capability of the marine spirit game player formally meet with the game player in this update. At the same time, the Holy Spirit also has a very strong exclusive "Nirvana", you can enjoy a full screen game player Shazhao the Holy Spirit after having fully and delightfully. On the eve of battle, unbridled youth! Game player can also "in the light of dawn" Mobile Games enjoy the experience of love and marriage mentoring play, your friends free love; interesting answer, wild fishing, free flight, adventure recreation two not mistake; blood, evil dragon, siege wasteland cross clothing PK King showdown, a militant from wake up game player! 18 in the evening, "light of dawn" and we Be There Or Be Square.相关的主题文章:

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