Tongjiang county held martyrs memorial activities commemorating the revolutionary martyrs (Figure) –

Tongjiang county held martyrs memorial activities commemorating the revolutionary martyrs (Figure) – Sichuan Channel – Chengdu 30 September,   September 30th was set up by the state memorial day, when the Red Army Chinese victory 80 anniversary, Tongjiang County four team leaders, some counties as well as cadres of workers in Tongjiang, on behalf of the officers and men, on behalf of the families of martyrs and the community people from all walks of life, teachers and students, tourists from all over the country more than 2000 people in the revolutionary base of the Red Army martyrs cemetery of revolutionary martyrs memorial, deeply cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs valiant record and noble spirit. Green pines and verdant cypresses nestled under the Revolutionary Martyrs Monument solemn. 9 morning, the host announced the memorial activities began. Along with the song "flowers" passionate soulful melodies, small lift written "immortal martyrs" and other words of the 3 baskets, slowly to the Martyrs Monument, baskets placed in the monument to the martyrs. The play sing "People’s Republic of China National Anthem", the song was resounded through the sky. In more than 100 read the funeral oration, the young pioneers sing "we are the successors of communism", then, all the staff presented flowers to the martyrs, three bows deeply, as a means of sustenance for the martyrs of the infinite admiration and nostalgia. The 87 year old Zhou Zhongyuan is a retired cadres, early in the morning he came to the Red Army martyrs cemetery, to worship the martyrs buried here, and then pick up garbage, cleaning duty. "My father died in March on the road, each year to visit his comrades, heart miss him, honor him, now the construction of the country life is so good, so good, I want to educate my children, carry forward the spirit of the red army." Zhou Zhongyuan said. Liu Li and other 12 swat at the monument of the unknown soldier three bows deeply, Gu Xiaoli and other 200 young pioneers salute to pay tribute. Shan revolutionary base Red Army martyrs cemetery is the largest Red Army martyrs cemetery, built in 1934, opened in May 9, 2012 renovation. The core area of the cemetery covers an area of more than and 350 acres, the cemetery, buried the 25048 Red Army martyrs, is the national patriotism education bases. Since four years ago to repair the completed park opened, has more than 380 people came to the memory of the martyrs. In recent years, Tongjiang County full use of relics of Red Army Martyrs Cemetery Management Bureau and other revolutionary sites in the Sichuan Shaanxi revolutionary base mining red culture, create red culture theme scenic spots, vigorously develop red tourism, expand the red cultural heritage and influence. "Today we cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, is to remember the history of the revolution, inheritance martyrs behest, ‘Zhiyong firm, troubles innovation, unity and struggle, be endlessly" the spirit of the Red Army applied to the poverty alleviation work, hard work, innovation and creativity, to "old Sichuan Shaanxi revolutionary District revitalization and development plan" as an opportunity to win out of poverty battle, battle of the all-round well-off society, to comfort the souls of the martyrs!" Tongjiang county official said. (Wang Jun Cheng Cong) to share: (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

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