Tianjin SHANG Jia Xinyuan deflagration man injured Beijing – in elevator outage-chompoo araya

Tianjin SHANG Jia Xinyuan deflagration: Man – elevator outage Tianjin Beijing North news: yesterday, Nankai District SHANG Jia Xinyuan Building No. 1 households deflagration, the residents of the houses severely damaged, the fire spread to households. According to reports, the explosion floor elevator outage. 15 pm yesterday, reporters rushed to the scene to see, still has a good garden in 1 29 storey building houses a smoke, which houses a windows had been blown up, a simple room has also been zhata, the 27 layer, 28 layer 6 layer also damaged part of the housing, the emergence of fire. According to residents, the deflagration accompanied by noise. Deflagration occurred when 29 layer window, part of home supplies was blown outside, makeshift zhata is the household use privately built terrace houses. A resident, deflagration occurred, he hurried to climb the 29 floor view, found that households with a male and a female man was wounded. Deflagration leading to the building elevator outage, the number of people trapped, fire and other maintenance personnel arrived, rescued trapped. 16:16, the injured man was sent to hospital. The accident is under investigation. (North network editor Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章:

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