This is to go Joker enchanting route When the male star sexy style, it can’t be described

This is to go Joker enchanting route? When the male star sexy style, it can not describe the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Text: Luigi Nono old Xue recently is flying yourself? Today we see the challenges of the conference, his style is like this: long sweater collocation of tight pants! However, this doesn’t mean anything, even more strange is his style, even concave so enchanting!!! Old Xue? Open the wrong way? Well, it seems not open problem (~ ~ oh open part) this series found his latest style is like this, a word not just pose! Lying on the ground to take photographs, we can not give up the opportunity to pose dancing on the stage, from head to foot in every cell of the body, are very enchanting! Pay attention to Lao Xue’s fingers and eyes, really is the whole body is played! But that is not what, in fact, laoxue most striking is his qiaotun! Maybe because the guitar and Alice and round it, he also gray Changle intention the audience to show their advantages, but they feel no pictures on and off stage, a word not just Qiaotun, is powerful open (~ ~ part) ——————- Xiangleyixia, feel your circle go this style boy in fact a lot of first thought is super said, brother, simple and crude directly on the map, feel his pole dance style and feel super Mermaid charming figure well across the screen feel super sexy another brother had to say, Kim Hee Chul is the man of God feel Smecta his usual daily, behind with Li Donghai Obama, also face a happy expression and super brother, he is very love lying. Other pictures, and the style is very…. Can not describe! Lying in a pile of human body, still bite lower lip, facial expression is also too shy!! It is even a hula hoop can be so sexy boy, convinced! Male stars take this route? Do you like it? This article from the WeChat public number Sina entertainment"相关的主题文章:

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