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Chinese existing drug addicts in 2 million 345 thousand drug addicts younger original title: the existing national drug addicts 2 million 345 thousand drug addicts were younger age characteristics of Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) the morning of February 18th, the National Narcotics Control Office issued the "2015 China drug situation report", the report shows that as of the end of 2015, China’s existing 2 million 345 thousand drug addicts (not including the withdrawal of three years without relapse and deaths and leave the number), found that drug addicts showing the characteristics of younger, under the age of 35 a total of 1 million 465 thousand drug addicts. According to the deputy director of the National Narcotics Control Commission Liu Yuejin introduction, drug addicts in male drug addicts was 2 million 7 thousand, female was 338 thousand. In addition, drug addicts younger features, including a 18 year old drug dissatisfaction were 43 thousand, 18 years old to 35 year old drugs were 1 million 422 thousand, which accounted for a total of 62.4%. In 2015, China’s drug officers seized the rise, the country dealt with a drug that acts the staff of 1 million 62 thousand people, one of the newly discovered 531 thousand drug addicts, an increase of 20% and 14.6%. According to reports, drug users are becoming more and more diverse, the registration information in a clear occupation of drug users, the unemployed accounted for 69.5%, accounting for 17.3% of farmers, workers accounted for 4.7%, individual operators accounted for 3.4%, the freedom of occupation staff accounted for 3.2%, accounted for 1%, accounted for 0.5% of students, professional and technical personnel, business management personnel and service personnel and the showbiz star accounted for 0.4%.   Editor: Liu Debin SN222 中国现有吸毒人员234.5万 吸毒者呈低龄化   原标题:全国现有吸毒人员234.5万 吸毒者呈低龄化特点   新京报快讯 (记者王梦遥) 2月18日上午,国家禁毒办发布《2015年中国毒品形势报告》,报告显示,截至2015年底,我国现有吸毒人员234.5万名(不含戒断三年未发现复吸人数、死亡人数和离境人数),吸毒人员呈现低龄化特点,35岁以下吸毒者共146.5万。   据国家禁毒委员会副主任刘跃进介绍,吸毒人员中男性吸毒者为200.7万名,女性为33.8万名。此外吸毒人员低龄化特征突出,其中不满18岁的吸毒者有4.3万名,18岁到35岁的吸毒者共142.2万名,两者占比共62.4%。   2015年我国查获的吸毒人员数量上升,全国共查处有吸毒行为人员106.2万人次,其中新发现吸毒人员53.1万名,同比分别上升20%和14.6%。   据介绍,吸毒人群正变得越来越多元,在明确登记职业信息的吸毒人员中,无业人员占69.5%,农民占17.3%,工人占4.7%,个体经营者占3.4%,自由职业者占3.2%,职员占1%,学生占0.5%,专业技术人员、企业管理人员以及公职人员、演艺界明星等共占0.4%。   责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章:

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