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The website published illegal profit nearly ten million involving two boss three – Beijing editor jailed for         Internet publishing license has been achieved in the case of Zhou Liang, two people to establish a "red rain" website, illegal Internet publishing electronic publications, and through pornographic novels published to attract Internet users to read, only 1 and a half years profit nearly ten million yuan. The reporter learned yesterday, the case by the Guangzhou Tianhe District people’s court, the shareholders of the company, Zhou Liang and company staff, Leimou Tang and Chen five for committing the crime of illegal business operation and the publication and dissemination of pornographic materials, multiple crimes, were sentenced to imprisonment for 13 years to 1 years. And fined 600 thousand yuan to 20 thousand yuan.         it is worth noting that ray, Tang and Chen three people are just graduated from college students, after being recruited to participate in the site when editing. Respondents to remind the judges, especially those who do not deep college students, the work involved in illegal crime should be resolutely refused to report to the public security organs.         rely on pornographic novels highest 170 million hits         March 2008, Zhou Liang, jointly funded the establishment of Guangzhou where network science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as the Fantian company), which accounted for 85% of the shares of a week, Liang Mouzhan 15% of the shares, the common management two people and business. After the establishment of the company, the two established "red rain" website on the Internet, mainly published in the network literature, and employ university graduates Leimou, Tang, Chen as web editors.         although the "red rain" website is the main business of network literature, but every day the company did not achieve the Internet publishing license. Only 1 and a half years, where the amount of illegal operation of the company will reach more than RMB 937 yuan.         in the illegal business at the same time, Zhou et al to increase website hits, get more economic benefits, decided to publish pornographic novels in the "red rain" on the website to attract users to read. The specific mode of operation is as follows: 1 Internet users registered to become a member of the website. 2 where the company signed a contract with the third party payment platform, open an account in the bank, the weekly settlement. 3 Internet users through the third party payment platform to recharge the account, get the site set the virtual currency". The price range of 4 Internet users through each article set, pay the corresponding rain money to read "pay red rain on the site of pornographic novels. Soon, the "red rain" website to attract a large number of users, the novel hits the highest reached 170 million, and more of the novel hits more than 30 million times. April 2014, the public security organs assault Zhou, Liang, Lei, Tang, Chen captured.         the boss staff are guilty of two crimes collar criminal penalty &nbs.相关的主题文章:

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