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Sunny "balance" insufficient showers today,   after the holiday, the temperature has been downhill – Hubei Channel – People’s original title: Sunny "balance" insufficient showers today (reporter Zhang pigeon correspondent Yang Xueqing) sunshine accompanied, white clouds blossoming. Even Japan, I, an invigorating autumn climate pleasant, sunny weather for people to travel to facilitate. But today, the National Day holiday has "balance" is insufficient, the good weather is not much left, rain Jun is ready. City Meteorological Observatory predicts that today, by the impact of high altitude fluctuations and ground cold air, our city will shower, today is the National Day holiday return peak, rainfall will cause slippery road, visibility decline, we should pay attention to travel safety. After two days, the temperature will gradually decline, the highest temperature is 26 degrees tomorrow, and the temperature is about 25 degrees celsius. From the weather situation in the country, yesterday began a new round of cold air, the eastern region of Northwest China, North China, Northeast China, Inner Mongolia and other places will appear strong winds and precipitation, and the entire East China area (including the eastern area of our province) there are showers. Today, I will take over the Eastern Hubei Province Hubei rain baton, continue to float in the air shower. From the temperature point of view, the highest temperature in our province yesterday is generally 27 – 30 degrees centigrade. But by the continuous infiltration of the cold air, the temperature will go downhill tomorrow, taking Wuhan as an example, this Sunday, the highest temperature during the day will be only 23 degrees C, sooner or later is lower, we from the climate of the autumn has been not far away. City Meteorological Observatory reminded that today there will be showers in our city, the friends who go back to travel should pay attention to driving safety. Slippery roads in rainy days may exacerbate traffic congestion on the return journey. Remind self drive friends, planning reasonable travel time and route ahead of time, using electronic map of real-time traffic and other functions, try to avoid congested roads. Specific forecast: during the day, cloudy to shower, temperature 20 – 27 degrees, northerly wind 3; today night to tomorrow, cloudy, temperature 19 – 26 degrees, northerly wind 3; tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, cloudy, temperature 17 – 25 degrees, northerly wind 3-4 level. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 晴天“余额”不足阵雨今日出没 长假过后气温一直走下坡路–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:晴天“余额”不足阵雨今日出没   本报讯(记者章鸽 通讯员杨雪晴)阳光相伴,白云朵朵。连日来,我市秋高气爽舒适宜人,晴朗天气为人们出游提供便利。不过今天开始,国庆长假已“余额”不足,好天气也所剩不多,雨水君已经蠢蠢欲动。市气象台预计,今日受高空波动和地面冷空气的共同影响,我市将出现阵雨,今日是国庆假期返程高峰,降雨会造成道路湿滑,能见度下降,大家要注意出行安全。明后两天气温也将逐渐下降,明天最高气温26℃,后天25℃左右。   从全国的天气形势来看,昨日开始,受新一轮冷空气影响,西北地区东部、华北、内蒙古、东北等地将出现大风降温和降水天气,而整个华东地区(包括我省东部一带)也会有阵雨出没。今天开始,我省鄂西将接过鄂东地区的雨水接力棒,继续飘洒阵雨。从气温上看,昨日我省最高气温还普遍有27℃―30℃。不过受北方冷空气的不断渗透,明天开始气温将一直走下坡路,以武汉为例,到本周日,白天最高气温将只有23℃,早晚则更低,我们距离气候上的入秋已不远了。   市气象台提醒,今日我市会有阵雨光临,外出返程的朋友们要注意行车安全。雨天路滑,可能会加剧返程途中交通拥堵现象。提醒自驾的朋友,提前规划好合理的出行时间和行驶路线,利用电子地图的实时路况等功能尽量避开拥堵路段。   具体预报:今天白天,多云转阵雨,气温20℃―27℃,偏北风3级;今天晚上到明天白天,多云,气温19℃―26℃,偏北风3级;明天晚上到后天白天,多云,气温17℃―25℃,偏北风3-4级。 (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章:

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