The tenant was a thief burglary wit

The tenant was a thief burglary wit "out" new culture news (reporter Wang Yue) the thief burglary, caught in the house the rest of the female tenants, but the woman very witty, did not shout, but down the thief, its "please" out of the room, to avoid the risk of occurrence. Rent housing was a thief "patronize" today "11:30 to 12 period, I rented Chaoyang District provincial hospital dormitory building 4 stolen, including apple 5S, a value of 4000 yuan gold necklace, $five hundred or six hundred in cash and 600 yuan coin space! Has been reported……" September 27th early morning, friends QS0102 broke the news on micro-blog, said he was a thief patronize, the loss of thousands of dollars worth of property. 29 am, the reporter linked to the name of the user Xiao Qiu (a pseudonym), according to Qiu Qiu introduced, things happen in September 26th 11:30 to between 12 points. "I and two female friends flat-share house, a total of three rooms, the day I and a roommate to work, have a roommate to sleep at home." Small Qiu said, the day around 1:30 in the afternoon, Wang had roommates at home (a pseudonym) told her home was still suffering from the shock, a thief, and the thief told her "bump". Small Qiu hurried from the unit back home, found his bedroom there are signs of turning, after checking, originally placed in the bedroom of an apple mobile phone, 4000 yuan worth of gold necklace and 1000 yuan in cash was missing. Xiao Qiu also found that the window is more than two prints. More gray on the windowsill, so leaving a trace, the thief should be from the windowsill to climb in." But the small Qiu rental room is located on the 4 floor, the thief is how to climb in? Xiao Qiu suspected that the thief was climbing up the iron shelf outside the window. "We are building the transformation of the old city, outside the iron frame, the thief is estimated to climb up along the iron shelves." Xiao Qiu then reported to the police. A strange man wit "see off" 29 on the same day, the reporter also contacted Wang, Wang told reporters about the situation. "I slept in the bedroom at noon that day, and I heard the door of the bedroom next door. I thought I was back. I opened the door and saw a man in the living room." Wang said that the man is about seven meters tall, medium build, wearing a black coat. "I was shocked, I asked how he came in, he said to go wrong." Wang said, she was already aware of each other is a burglary thief, "the door is locked, my roommates are to work, the man suddenly appeared, definitely a problem." Although very nervous, but Wang did not panic, but follow the thief’s words continue to say. "I said to him," if you go wrong, go out, and then I’ll open the door. "." Wang said, when the thief after she left immediately locked the door. "I was scared, but I didn’t think he’d done it." Wang said, because she thought the thief just was caught, and no alarm. "I’m with 7相关的主题文章:

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