The State Council can handle matters on the Internet may not be required to deal with the site rosstallanma

The State Council can handle online administrative matters must not require on-site handling – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, the State Council recently issued "on accelerating the" Internet plus government service "work guidance", guidance on the requirements of optimization of online services, all through the network verification information, other units shall not be required to provide repeat who can achieve online; handle matters, must not require to handle the scene. Guiding opinions pointed out that in recent years, some localities and departments to build a preliminary e-government service platform, and actively carry out online services, and achieved some success. But there are also incomplete online service matters, low degree of information sharing, the processing rate is not high, businesses and the masses are still inconvenient and other issues, as well as many local and departments have not yet carried out this work. Guidance requirements, optimize the simplified service matters online application, acceptance, review, decision, service and other processes, shorten the processing time, reduce the cost of business and the masses. Who can share the reuse materials through the network, the enterprises and the people shall not be required to submit duplicate; who can pass the verification of the information network, other units shall not be required to repeat; who can realize the online handle matters, not required to handle the scene. Promote the work of materials directory, standardization, electronic, online reporting, online submission and online review. The establishment of online pre push mechanism, preliminary results timely, to be supplemented to inform disposable materials; actively promote the application of electronic certificates, electronic documents, electronic signature and so on government services, carry out online check verification, to avoid duplication of the materials submitted and prove circulation. Matters involving multiple departments to implement an acceptance, online operation, parallel processing, limited period. Guidance requirements, the establishment of public participation mechanism to encourage and guide the masses to share experience, to carry out the evaluation of satisfaction, continuous research and improvement work. The government and its departments at all levels should open Internet communication channels, to fully understand the social conditions and public opinion, involving public interest issues, and actively respond effectively, in-depth interpretation of the policy, timely response to the concerns, enhance the credibility of the government and governance capacity. Guidance requirements, to promote the online management of services. Where the enterprise registration service registration, annual report, change, cancellation of the project investment, production management, trademark and patent, qualification, tax management, safety and other related matters, the service is closely related to the residents and medical education, household household registration, social security, employment, housing security, to promote accepted Online, online processing, online feedback, do government services matters "should do, all online".相关的主题文章:

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