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"The Sorcerer Kuhnt card" installfest does not charge money how can you become strong [Sina game original unauthorized reprint] "wizard Kuhnt card" last week opened the second round beta. The first test is mainly server stress testing, the content of a short time, probably only a few hours, but also in the early hours of the night, so there are a lot of players can not experience. The second test games open 4 camps and more cards, longer, some game player also have received a test code, but it seems not many, today we will take you from the most basic to understand this "phenomenon" network card battle game, look at its development potential how. "The Sorcerer Kuhnt card" open source "second round beta game wizard 3" in a little game, but the accident has been sought after game player. Adolf Jelot abandoned his daughter in spite of playing cards, telling everyone to play cards, in fact in the game in Jelot and most of the NPC dialogue has an option "to the card game player," Quint "Wizards 3: the wild hunt" dubbed "Quint:" the 3 bet on, popularity. Even more than the main game plot momentum. Developers CDPR may also see the business opportunities, see hearthstone legend earned a bowl full of want to share a cup of soup, they decided to make this card game into an independent network war game. "3" in the qazz card wizard popular core idea is how to play the game than the point. The two sides hand 10 cards, each card has its own points and effects, all of them hit the table, the final total number of players to win high points. The game uses 3 innings 2 rounds, each game player can’t jump out 1 cards, cards, the choice is the one round Pass will no longer play. Hand in addition to the 10 hands, the second round will be drawn from the card group of the 10, the third round of pumping out of the 1, after the end of each round of the card on the table will be lost, can not be used again (monster camp will retain a). You can see the 30 cards compared to the "furnace stone", "Quint card" available each card is very limited, how to arrange the number of each of the cards is very important, in fact is also a process of the game, involving some "Tian Ji horse" idea, the appropriate time to surrender a round may be lost more knowing. The core idea is bigger than the size of the three game of the two wins in the cards which are popular terms, the card is divided into entourage cards, magic cards and heroes. After card, can call directly to the desktop, the power is calculated as the total number of followers, some cards with similar to "fight" effect, play will produce certain effect, such as damage to enemy units after the entourage, 1 additional strength etc.. After cards are divided into 3 units, "melee" and "remote" and "siege", and no actual combat effect difference, just as the distinction between are arranged in 3 lines on the desktop. A particular unit can only be placed in a specific position. The spells, strength increased cannot be placed directly on the desktop, but can produce power to influence the value of brand effect, such as weather, the frost graupel melee unit all the power is 1, the distance of single fog.相关的主题文章:

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