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The schools in Beijing nearly 70 sets of new uniforms for primary and middle school students can choose – the new online map: students display models in new uniforms. Below: the new uniforms into the Chinese elements. JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Haixin photo JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ren Shan) yesterday afternoon, the exhibition hall at the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology affiliated primary school, from Cherry Park and University of International Business and Economics experimental school in Beijing city of more than 60 students dressed in a variety of models, design new uniforms, walked the catwalk and turn debut, parade. It is reported that these new uniforms by the end of last year the unveiling of the "Beijing city schools uniforms R & D Center specially designed by schools and students choose to enter the campus, or according to the requirements for the design of schools and students. The appearance of the exhibition, nearly 70 sets of uniforms, uniforms and sports series series in half, including 20 sets of summer, autumn and winter, 40 sets of nearly 10 sets of points, rhythm of fashion, youth, China run red, such as classical, Oriental culture, heritage and other 11 series. The reporter understands, these new students uniforms is by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission on the Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology construction "of Beijing school uniforms research center", hired fashion design experts, according to the city’s 1 million 200 thousand students in the stage of compulsory education tailored. Science and Technology Department of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, deputy director of research and development center Pan Bo introduction, the current uniforms there is a misunderstanding that the uniforms as uniforms. In order to develop fashionable, practical and elegant uniforms, new clothing collection of human body data of more than 1 students, summed up the garment specification; innovation and screening of new clothing materials, clothing with part of moisture permeability, with characteristics of fashion fabrics. This is the color, red, gray, China shades of indigo, fluorescent color such as color, not only concise connotation of the Beijing school, but also show the students beautiful young, full of youthful spirit the spirit of the times. In order to embody the spirit of Beijing, to carry the heavy campus culture of Beijing, to show the spirit of the students in Beijing, we also designed a series of Chinese red and Oriental culture. "Chinese red can fully represent the colors of Beijing, reflecting the cultural heritage and our sincere heart, we use the classic stripes and jacket design. Also incorporated into the traditional style of clothing and crafts of the Oriental Culture series, although it may not be suitable as a school uniform, but can be used for school concerts, adult ceremony and other occasions, very meaningful." Pan Bo introduction. Pan Bo said that the new primary and secondary school uniforms will ensure excellent cost performance, that is practical, beautiful, affordable. The cost will be 160 yuan, summer autumn, about 200 yuan to 260 yuan, consistent with the market price. The future of the school can choose these clothes, research center, according to the requirements of the school and students, on the basis of the existing re design.相关的主题文章:

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