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The pound plunged caused by luxury sales   LV London to buy the cheapest in the world – Yunnan channel — original title: pound collapse caused sales of luxury goods in London to buy hot LV the world’s most expensive British exit after the referendum, the substantial depreciation of the pound, the British some daily necessities such as imported wine, electronic products and car prices have increased. But the "Global Times" reporter found that most of London luxury did not increase the price for foreign tourists, this means that compared to other parts of the world, London is the most cost-effective place to buy luxury goods. Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) 13 reported that tourists can now buy the world’s cheapest Louis Weedon (LV) handbags in london. According to the accounting firm DDT research data, converted into dollars, the current number of luxury brands in the United Kingdom is cheaper than anywhere else. Since June this year, the pound fell 17% against the U.S. dollar, foreign consumers to enhance the relative purchasing power. In the case of LV’s 30 Speedy handbags, the handbag is priced at $645 ($802) in London in October 7th. While the same handbag in Paris for $850, New York is $970, while in China is priced at 7450 yuan. Reported that currently 64% of British luxury brands than any place are cheap, but such a situation will not persist, because luxury goods are usually collective price adjustment, if the devaluation of the pound is the "new normal", many brands will make the price adjustment. United States, "Wall Street journal," said the low pound is attracting high-end consumer advocates. According to the Swiss bank, in August this year, the number of foreigners in the United Kingdom to buy luxury goods rose 36%. In contrast, the French turnover fell by nearly 20%, Italy fell by 11%. China customer is particularly sensitive to the price of luxury goods in recent years, a large number of China tourists flocked to Europe to buy luxury goods, as a result of the euro, pound, on the other hand, buy luxury goods abroad can avoid high import taxes. In the Past National Day golden week, many shopping malls in the United Kingdom have introduced China’s National Day special discount promotions. On the famous Oxford street in London, Chinese tourists can be seen everywhere. (Sun Wei) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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