The phenomenon of child labor is the shame of today’s society

Child labor is the social shame on the 21 day, the media released a called "Changshu child was squeezed to make industry: Youth" video, the exposure of the nearby city of Changshu clothing some small workshop the existence of child labor phenomenon. In the afternoon, the Changshou City government held an emergency meeting, request the public security agency, etc., belong to the government market supervision department will carry out a dragnet investigation night assault. It is reported that yesterday afternoon, the city has been found in the investigation of 8 suspected child labor was sent to the local secondary school placement, and some teaching. After the incident, the local government will send them home. At present, someone’s units have entered the stage of the investigation of human and social sectors. Concerned about the Changshu child labor event do not empty coke Ishikawa was exposed child labor, are ten years old. This is the age of knowledge, rather than job seekers, they should be the end of the classroom, rather than the factory. However, from the video content, they prematurely become workers, middle was deceived, was a small workshop owners exploitation, and poor working conditions, a management system, resulting in their lack of protection of legitimate rights and interests, so that users have lamented this is a modern version of "the enslaved worker". Maybe this is a bit exaggerated, but they are really early ripening, life has been materialized. Local regulators quickly shot worthy of praise. According to authoritative data show that since 2012, Changshou City investigated the use of child labor cases 107 cases, involving the use of child labor, a fine of $211 to the relevant units of coexistence of $about 3000000. It is seen from the regulatory authorities did not tolerate child labor phenomenon, also can reflect the local child labor is common, not isolated cases. The use of child labor in the law can not be tolerated, regardless of the minor protection law or the labor law, the education law has clearly defined. Therefore, according to the law to combat this phenomenon, when there is no doubt. However, if only to fight, instead of mining the deep-seated reasons behind the existence, not clean up the grey soil child growth, cannot be reassuring. Young, childish, the compulsory education, but on the road workers, whether it is cheated or active, are prohibited. The question is, will they return to the classroom once they are sent home? The child exploitation is how to treat be sent? Earlier media investigation, some people in Liangshan, the attitude of child labor is: go out to work at least enough to eat, why not let go?" Some children also said: "working outside the day again hard, but also better than poverty at home suffer much better." Reporters also found that if you do not do child labor, the children stay at home to face, will be poverty, occlusion, drugs, tired of life…… All this seems that if those children improper child will starve to death, when the child is hurt they forbid them. This kind of view is paradoxical. A code, then the poor not poor education, poverty is not the reason when the child must receive compulsory education, legal. Do not accept the basic education, early to go out to work, seemingly earned money in advance, but The loss outweighs the gain. Physical development is not mature, high intensity in case of injury? Without the knowledge of culture, can you work well for a long time? The young can rely on physical money, can sell toil for a lifetime? From the media survey of the phase?相关的主题文章:

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