The origin of a feast of Northwest cattle and sheep – Sohu eat and

In the origin of goods a northwest northwest cattle feast – Sohu and, in my mind, is always generous, atmosphere, is rough, is a large piece of meat, drinking bowl, and in the home, really let me see what is the end, what is the grade, high force, only about here. To say it is a feast to the northwest. To be friends, mostly friends know that I love to eat northwest cuisine, arrived here on time, just know that such a double 11 out single happy festival, also called hand chop festival. Although in the Taobao shopping for a night, but still with the rest of the hand ran over, mainly appetite also need to meet. This poster is a chowhound made, every chowhound, are looking forward to and can also meet delicacy, with da. Exquisite and beautiful tableware, the seat has been laid out, do not know why, I come before, my mind has been hovering on the edge of the plate, I should be a knife to cut the meat eaten, the middle of the table, there should be a whole sheep, ha ha. Am I a little over imagining. The first few drink, lined up, really beautiful, the color is the first to open the door to one’s taste, I do not know if you have to look forward to, at least I have this expectation. Here, my point is that a cup of white yam juice, in fact, never drink, try it, taste it, slightly thick, with a little green smell that yam flavor, is pure natural, but in my strong request, add some honey, ha ha, I or drink no sweet stuff. This should be the northwest highland barley niangpi a unique flavor snacks, it is said that when Princess Wencheng especially love this dish before niangpi is often eat, but first taste of barley do, golden color, soft, to the point of vinegar, mustard, mashed garlic, taste is very delicate, very sweet mouth back foot. Can you taste it light sesame oil taste, give this snack more beautiful color. With lily. I always thought that the beans begin is peas, but that is certainly not the entrance, than to soft and sweet peas, to the high number of fried, tender, taste great, to a spoonful, really is a deep sense of satisfaction. Braised chicken rolls scattered raised chicken than here to eat chicken feed up chicken taste good, meat has more meat, feed and drugs that rely on the ripening of chicken is actually no health benefits, but the fast pace of modern life, can’t wait for a chicken to eat free growth in this state, said it is also sad. The small volume also have to mention, particularly lovely, small, that is certainly to do now, is simply outside may not have the size to buy. Small dip chicken soup rolls, eat have a taste. Mix alliummongolicum Cordyceps flower is big northwest alliummongolicum specialty, the growth in the high altitude of Gobi and the edge of the desert. After washing, a sand sedimentation basin, spicy taste, so called alliummongolicum. Cold after taste delicious, with Cordyceps flower to the northwest of the original road ordinary feast相关的主题文章:

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