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The official color of "customers" and this is our Deputy demotion or the protection of Sohu is reviewed by the bureau deputy bureau director Huang drop, still enjoy preferential treatment, whether it is in the "official color" and "color, or in the protection officer? Wen Yuping according to the surging news reports, Chinese Railway Corporation recently announced the news, the company’s safety director and director of safety supervision and Management Bureau Huang Gang was dismissed because of violation of discipline, by the Bureau as deputy director level, and was given one year probation sanction. Total iron pointed out that Huang Gang’s "main discipline" includes: 1, in violation of political discipline, to destroy the evidence against the organization review; 2, in violation of discipline, and Yang Moumou improper sexual relationship, causing serious adverse social influence. Adultery with others, even the "age winner", the moral acts on which will be spurned by the people. Not to mention, there are instructions to delete the yellow steel network other posts, irregularities and other acts of abuse of the mistress and their daughter’s work arrangements. However, it is such an official, and ultimately only received a light punishment – "down half". The bureau deputy bureau director Huang down, still enjoy preferential treatment, although the post was removed, but then at least paid vacation time, wait until the waves of public opinion gradually subsided, Mr Wong and scenery to continue to put up a shelf in front of subordinates leadership, Yizhi gas. What is the "official color" in the investigation, or the protection of "official color"? Public officials hand Jack, so much more so every act and every move, officials should be subject to more stringent ethical constraints than ordinary people. However, the reality is often the opposite, in the system, if a person’s life erosion, moral decay, breach of privilege for their own personal gain, such people will lose their jobs from nine out of ten, thoroughly discredited. But in public institutions, such people are often just a piece of paper in his hand and punishment, smashed a secure job, take off his head WuShaMao prohibitively difficult. Civil servants drinking abuse whistleblowers, beating the inspectors, demerit warning…… This example is a lot of, as for the yellow steel and other people who commit adultery, by the party to observe or downgrade the punishment is everywhere. People really think impassability, this kind of person what face to retain public identity, what qualifications for the people in charge of public power? A year ago, the central inspection teams on the railway company of special inspections that iron duct party is not strict, discipline violation of discipline problems continue to occur, some discipline inspection supervision and discipline of accountability are "loose soft" phenomenon. The head of the iron was said to be the most resolute attitude, the most decisive action, the most effective measures to do a good job of rectification rectification." A year later, the "official color" yellow "is only half of steel grade, supervision and discipline of the" loose soft "still, this is the so-called" firm, decisive and effective rectification "? The official identity should be "a knife in the head of the official color", and never their shield. Similar to the yellow steel such "official color", people is expelled from the public expectations, not only that, Huang Gang instructed someone else to delete posts, illegal work arrangements and other issues also should be investigated in the end. Huang Gang held responsibility for breach of privilege at the same time, in the yellow tiger) for breach of privilege in steel相关的主题文章:

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