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The new peripheral exposure "sword net 3" seven anniversary of the official opening ceremony "sword net 3" seven anniversary ceremony officially opened today online! To commemorate the anniversary of the red cape, autumn scenery series, with NPC installed, the new harness officially added! Seven anniversary, double integral, recharge back to receive 21% off coupons coupons and generous feedback synchronization open! War camp daily, daily rewards increase have the opportunity to open Mid Autumn Festival gift, "sword net 3" 2016 custom mid autumn moon cake coupons and other rich rewards. Tonight at 8, the seven anniversary gift set limited sale, 9 o’clock in the evening, many new products limited sale, together sneak peek! [2016 custom moon cake gift] 2016 custom moon cake gift Zhengyan has not heard of the cicada, hundreds of feet high building water next day. Energy-saving, mid cream bucket chanjuan. Following last year’s successful launch of Changan city theme mid autumn moon cake custom gift box, "sword net 3" again this year to "angel cakes" launched 2016 new custom moon cake gift. Mid autumn moon cake gift box has been adhering to custom ingenious design, exquisite workmanship of nature. 2016 mid autumn moon cake custom gift packaging with 128G four-color printing copperplate paper, dumb rubber after mounted in the 3mm thickness of cardboard. The outer packing box adopts "long scene door sword net 3" game in the main picture, with Huizhou style building surrounded by decorative. The moon in front of the packaging bronzing process engraved "Mid Autumn Festival" two words, and below the author Xishanju game concept of "creating a happy, happy". The gift from the appearance looks simple and elegant, for gifts to friends and family the most appropriate. There are plenty of creative theme of the city of Changan in 2016 last year, the mid autumn moon cake gift box is hidden but beautiful spot. Forward open lid, Paladin will be observed on the unique Jian Wang 3 riverlake small theater. The little theatre "sword net 3" Mobile Games: Finger Lakes in daoxiangcun scene as the background, Mobile Games in autumn green, Li Fu, Mu Xuanying, Mo rain, the image of Chen Yue as a human Paladin can move freely placed ornaments, figures staged their own heart lakes story. Through the top of the pump for the use of inkjet printing transparent PVC film, small rivers and lakes can also be a small theater scene switch, a lot of fun. When all the background board is drawn out, will see the paladin Mid Autumn Festival moon cake gift box, moon cake really. The mid autumn moon cake with Long Hui style architecture of tinplate packaging, including mooncake, milk yellow moon cake Momoyama each two. A gift "sword net 3" in 2016 August 25th on the 21:00 custom moon cake gift entities around the mall, serving the whole region 7600 (Telecommunications Limited Sales Zone 6500, zone 1100 Netcom), priced 188 yuan. Paladin can obtain equipment bound back pendant Yue Xian Gong [] also after purchase. A small custom moon cake gift will be through the activities in the game during the war, the daily task camp quest [] in the Mid Autumn Festival treasure, love the chivalrous person do not miss oh! Gong Yue Xian back pendant [two]   brothers backpack Backpack NEW; two brothers around [two brothers] backpack, paul.相关的主题文章:

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