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The Jingdong held the capacity to undergo helping staff recruitment – Beijing Jingdong group special recruitment will start in the new network on 29 September, 28 in Wuhan, guided by the national development and Reform Commission, organized by the Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission, the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social group and Jingdong jointly hosted the "build job platform, helping to capacity the employment of workers" group Jingdong undergo special recruitment will be launched in Wuhan. The recruitment activities designed to implement the Jingdong group and the national development and Reform Commission for workers to resolve the overcapacity in a strategic cooperation agreement to help Wuhan local steel production capacity of post and laid-off workers to provide employment support to build transfer. In May this year, the national development and Reform Commission and Jingdong Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, jointly promote the settlement to resolve excess capacity workers, migrant workers and other personnel to return home to work. Deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission Wang Xiaotao pointed out that to resolve the overcapacity work placement of workers, promote employment and Entrepreneurship of returning personnel, is conform to the trend of industrial transfer, the supply side to deepen structural reform, an important measure to improve the basic livelihood of the people. To fully leveraging the "Internet plus" modern business methods, through market channels in time for the laid-off workers to provide more jobs, especially to strengthen the employment needs of enterprises, docking, will and capacity to the enterprise seamless co-ordination to solve the reorientation of workers and skills training, the stability of the way. Recruitment site to run the recruitment activities, Hubei province development and Reform Commission, the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security based on precise force, focus on effectiveness, careful arrangements for the deployment of related work. Wuhan City People Club Bureau and other government departments did the massive preparatory work, including in-depth Mopai number of laid-off workers, disability status, working age population, arrange recruitment site in advance, repeatedly issued recruitment information, to fully mobilize the laid-off workers. Jingdong has also done a detailed job preparation for the recruitment of staff to arrange a large number of staff to provide comprehensive consulting services. The Jingdong provides jobs include personnel, administration, finance, warehouse management, chief assistant, driver, delivery, pickers, to the extent possible to meet the employment needs of laid-off workers, more than 1500 people live in the recruitment of staff. According to reports, in addition to Wuhan, Jingdong will be in Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other places for laid-off workers recruitment activities. The Jingdong group also will accelerate the layout of logistics marketing service network, to the "coal city Gangcheng District, 13th Five-Year" at the end, more than 70% of the county covered steel coal, support the development of electronic commerce, to help the existing commercial outlets to expand the business scope of services, promote local employment and increase income of workers. The relevant departments of the city of Hubei Province, the next step will continue to carry out joint cooperation with the Jingdong group, further the capacity to undergo the workers to build a platform with more job.相关的主题文章:

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