The first Italy Film Festival opens in Milan vidown

The opening of the first Italy Film Festival in Milan, China – Paris, September (Xinhua) 16, Milan news: local time on September 15th, the first Italy Chinese Film Festival opened in Milan. A total of 16 outstanding China films in the film festival screenings. Film Festival Red Carpet attracted many local people, Italy and Chinese tourists crowd. Huo Jianqi, Zhang Jingjing and other Chinese directors and actors to walk the red carpet and the signature board before the group photo. The film festival jury chairman Wang Xiaoshuai’s "intruder" as the opening film screenings. During the festival, "ice", "Xing", "Tang Xuanzang hero", "Tallo Hot pot" and "bainiaozhaofeng" 16 excellent domestic film will be landing in Milan, Italy for the local audience and the general travel overseas Chinese offer an exciting Chinese movie feast. Festival director, European Times Media Group President Zhang Xiaobei delivered the opening speech said that in recent years, the international influence has not Chinese film with the film market into the "golden age" of fame, the most important reason for this is that there is a very subjective art itself, there are some differences in aesthetic perspective China from the perspective of internationalization. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary for Chinese filmmakers and media people to make unremitting efforts. Chinese media as overseas Chinese culture and the voice of the disseminators, has a congenital advantage. Italy China Film Festival is the hope that through the film shown in such a special way, increase China film exposure, slowly cultivate its reputation overseas, let the audience in the west to see Chinese diversified movies at the same time, the voice spread out Chinese. Milan municipal government, said Barberis, the two countries have long been a lot of cooperation in the hope that the Italy China Film Festival to further build a bridge between the two sides. Milan Zhongyi in communication has been playing a very important role, he affirmed the positive impact of Milan local overseas Chinese for city construction, and praised Chinese is one of the various resources are very rich countries. He is the first Italy Film Festival held in Milan and China were delighted, and wish the first Italy Film Festival a complete success China. The Oscar prize winner of Italy director Dante? Lifetime achievement award of the Venice Film Festival Ferretti, winner of Italy producer Peter Rowe? Innocenzi, Beijing Film Academy Department of film director Wu Guanping, deputy director of China education television Ke Chunhui and other 12 Italian filmmakers as the film festival jury, selected the best feature film award, best director award, best male and female actor award and other awards from participating in the film. This film festival by the European Times Media Group, Beijing Film Academy Chinese Film Culture Research Institute, Haiway (Ningbo) jointly organized and run television media Co. Ltd., Milan Zhejiang in the "Cultural Exchange Center, Milan State University Confucius School of cooperation. (end)相关的主题文章:

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