The driver drove down the rear lights up mobile phone navigation bree daniels

The driver drove down the rear lights up mobile phone navigation Modern Express News September 19th afternoon, Yangzhou Gaoyou police informed of the accident: do not know the way of the driver to open mobile phone navigation, rear ended a car, and crashed a roadside set of traffic lights. The early morning of September 15th 5 pm, 45 year old Shandong native driver Lee driving heavy truck, because he does not know the way, open mobile phone navigation, the results did not pay attention to the traffic lights in front of the vehicle deceleration. He drove a heavy truck in front of the car after the impact of more than 100 meters forward, thanks to the intersection at the time there is no other vehicles, so did not cause casualties. After the accident, Lee hurried under no brakes, but right down direction, the road to a group of red lights and roadside protection facilities damaged, nearly fall into the side ditches. According to preliminary estimates, the car was rear ended repair costs at least 30 thousand yuan, Lee’s heavy truck front is also severely damaged, and expenses; traffic lights and protective facilities in the loss of nearly 30 thousand yuan. This is because the driver driving the vehicle and desertion made by accident. Police advise: the driver driving on the way in driving the vehicle, attention must be highly concentrated, such as the need to open the navigation, please park the vehicle in a safe area for debugging, do not do these dangerous actions in the road on the way, in order to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.相关的主题文章:

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