The country’s first venture capital fund transfer platform debut double week – Shenzhen Channel –

The country’s first venture capital fund transfer platform debut double week – Shenzhen Channel – original title: China’s first venture capital fund transfer platform appeared in the national public entrepreneurship peoples innovation activities week, Shenzhen city finance office and the first venture capital fund transfer platform three innovation project debut. Shenzhen financial office relevant person in charge, Qianhai venture capital fund transfer platform is expected to become a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" a new fulcrum. The other two projects are "Shenzhen innovation capital service public platform" and "Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong fund town"". Statistics show that, as of now, "Qianhai venture capital transfer platform" has gathered about 30 fund companies, more than 150 projects listed. With the explosive growth of China’s private equity fund industry, how to solve the difficult problem of investment withdrawal has become an urgent problem to be solved. For the number of private equity investment institutions, most of Shenzhen, only to design a set of originality and safety of both, will it be possible to win in the inter agency competition in the national market, and the formation of private equity funds transfer – this is the original intention of the establishment of the transfer platform." Introduction of the relevant person in charge of Shenzhen finance office. He told reporters, in view of the Qianhai equity trading center in private business development and private sector management has accumulated rich experience, has become one of China’s private equity market center, therefore, Shenzhen municipal government decided by the Qianhai equity trading center is responsible for the operation of Qianhai venture capital fund transfer platform". According to reports, the Qianhai venture capital fund transfer platform will create a new service platform for all venture capital institutions, the main functions include: one is the construction of the listing system, forming a comprehensive information center; the two is to provide rich variety of transactions, including the Vc firms, project equity fund shares, etc. all kinds of transfer, support the "buy" and "repurchase" and other means of transfer, liquidity can not only solve the venture capital fund, and can effectively prevent diffusion risk; the three is all information are docking through the new integrated information system to realize on-line mode; four of all transactions completed by the professional leading brokerage agency. It is worth noting that, according to the municipal finance office responsible person, Shenzhen branch in preparation has already started, and the transfer platform is an important part of the market system in Shenzhen branch. "According to the relevant requirements of" implementation rules ", since this year the Qianhai stock exchange is actively promoting the preparatory work for the Shenzhen branch board, has been in accordance with the" general principles of private custom brokerage, organizing, fund drive, market autonomy ", basically completes the whole design of branch board market." The person in charge told reporters. He said that the Shenzhen branch board is mainly for the single plate fourth level capital market by type of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen have potential for growth, mainly through private, non – standard and custom, in order to meet the needs of national development strategy by enterprises, innovation of financial institutions and various private equity products series, providing a full range of services, in listing, incubation, financing, issuance and transfer of registration, custody and other functions. (Chen Yuzhu, commissioning editor: Wang Xing)

全国首个创投基金转让平台亮相双创周–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:全国首个创投基金转让平台亮相   在全国大众创业万众创新活动周上,深圳市金融办携全国首个创投基金转让平台等三个创新项目亮相。深圳市金融办相关负责人介绍,前海创投基金转让平台有望成为支持“大众创业、万众创新”的一个新支点。另外两个项目分别为“深圳创业创新资本服务公共平台”和“前海深港基金小镇”。   统计显示,截至目前,“前海创投基金转让平台”已汇聚约30家基金公司、超过150个项目挂牌。   “随着我国私募基金行业的爆发性增长,如何解决投资退出难困境已成为急需解决的问题。对于全国私募投资机构数量最多的深圳来说,只有设计出一套兼具独创性和安全性的方案,才有可能在各机构间的竞争中胜出,进而形成私募基金转让的全国性市场――这是该转让平台设立的初衷。”深圳市金融办相关负责人介绍。他告诉记者,鉴于前海股权交易中心在私募业务开发和私募机构管理上积累了丰富经验,已成为我国私募市场的中心之一,因此,深圳市政府决定由前海股权交易中心负责运营“前海创投基金转让平台”。   据介绍,“前海创投基金转让平台”将打造一个面向所有创投机构的新型服务平台,主要功能包括:一是建设完善的挂牌系统,形成一个综合性的信息集散中心;二是提供丰富的交易品种,包括创投公司自身、项目股权、基金份额等各类转让,支持“买断型”、“回购型”等多种转让方式,既能解决创投基金的流动性,又能有效防范风险扩散;三是所有信息对接均通过新型一体化信息系统以线上方式实现;四是所有交易均由专业经纪机构主导完成。   值得注意的是,据市金融办相关负责人介绍,深圳科创板筹建目前已经启动,而该转让平台是深圳科创板市场体系的重要组成部分。   “根据《实施细则》的相关要求,今年以来前海股交正在积极推动深圳科创板的筹建工作,目前已按照‘私募定制、经纪主理、基金驱动、市场自治’的总方针,基本上完成了科创板市场整体方案设计。”该负责人向记者透露。   他表示,深圳科创板主要针对深圳具有成长潜力的科创型中小企业设立的第四层次资本市场单独板块,主要通过私募、非标和定制的方式,为适应国家发展战略需要的科创类企业、创新金融机构及各类私募产品提供系列化、全方位服务,集挂牌、孵化、融资、发行、转让、登记托管等功能于一体。 (责编:王星、陈育柱)相关的主题文章:

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