The boy is suffering from sleeping sickness one day second sleep n (video)

The boy is suffering from "sleeping sickness" one day "sleep" on a second N second still serious lectures, take notes, the next seconds suddenly fell on the desk sleeping in the past. Even the teacher told him to get up and answer the question, only a few minutes later, the white morning would fall asleep again. 17 year old boy Jenshou Bai Chen (a pseudonym), because of "sleep terrible power", is called "the classmates laughed at morpheus". At school one day, Bai Chen also don’t know how many times to sleep. In addition to most of the day in bed, even when awake, white morning energy is not strong, often sudden emotional weak limbs. White morning he does not want to be "sleep", but always uncontrollable drowsiness. This lethargy has seriously affected his study and life, therefore, he had to suspend school, abandon college entrance examination, treat everywhere. After the diagnosis of Dahua mental health center, the white morning was suffering from a very rare "narcolepsy", the incidence of this disease is only 3/10000. Patients fall asleep all the time. At present, there is no definite definition in the medical field. Professor and director of sleep medicine center, West China Hospital of Sichuan tutor Tang Xiangdong, Bai Chen suffering from narcolepsy, multiple high grade primary school to junior high school children. The main clinical manifestations are five pieces: sleep is not divided into time invasion, emotional fluctuations lead to limb weakness, sleep paralysis, sleep paralysis, as well as hallucinations before sleep. At present, there is no exact definition of etiology, and some scholars think that keeping the brain clear "orexin" neurons is one of the reasons. Tang Xiangdong said that the disease is difficult to cure, many patients are sometimes good or bad stage. He suggested that during the morning, he would sleep a lot less during the day, such as sleeping as much as possible during class break so as to keep a clear head in class." At the same time, we must have enough sleep at night. The wonderful reasons for bear children sleeping in class

男孩患"睡病" 上一天课"秒睡"N次  上一秒还在认真听课、记笔记,下一秒就忽然倒在课桌上沉睡过去。甚至老师叫他起来答题,在回答完问题后,仅仅几分钟,白晨又会再次睡着。17岁仁寿男孩白晨(化名),因“睡功了得”,被同学们笑封为“睡神”。在学校上一天课,白晨也不晓得要睡多少次。除了一天大部分时间都在睡觉外,即使醒着的时候,白晨的精力也不旺盛,情绪激动时常常会突然四肢发软。  白晨自己并不想成为“睡神”,却总是控制不住睡意。这种嗜睡,已严重影响到他的学习与生活,因此,已上高三的他不得不休学放弃高考,四处治疗。经川大华西心理卫生中心确诊,原来,白晨是患了一种非常少见的“发作性睡病”,该病发病率仅有万分之三。患者会不分时段地入睡。目前,具体发病原因,医学界尚无确切定性。  川大华西医院睡眠医学中心主任教授、博士生导师唐向东介绍,白晨所患的“发作性睡病”,多发于小学高年级到初中的孩童。主要临床表现有五块:睡眠不分时段入侵、情绪波动引发四肢无力、睡瘫、睡眠麻痹,以及入睡前幻觉。目前,发病原因学界尚无确切定性,部分学者认为保持人体头脑清醒的“食欲素”神经元减少,是原因之一。  唐向东表示,该病目前很难根治,不少患者都有时好时坏的阶段。他建议白晨白天多次少睡,“比如课间尽量多睡一下,以让上课时保持清醒头脑。”同时,晚上一定要有充足睡眠。 熊孩子上课睡觉的奇葩理由相关的主题文章:

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