The 7 most embarrassing things about having children! Seventh – Sohu really feel dead mother

The 7 most embarrassing things about having children! Seventh die – Sohu really feel more close to the production of maternal and infant, pregnant mother more will have various make blind and disorderly conjectures. The fact is, go to the delivery room, it is vain, because in addition to hard labor pains, you have no mind to think too many problems. "The doctor do encounter male", "is not the anus check is to poke the chrysanthemum, not look okay"…… Today Xiaobian to you in advance to talk about the production of those people blush. Don’t worry, tell you these, just want to let prospective mothers have a mental preparation, not to be at a loss. Shave pubic hair before delivery, there will be a special nurse to shave the pubic hair for women. The medicine called skinpreparation objective to avoid producing the fetus and prevent infection wound, causing disease. Because the pubic hair easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices caused by bacterial infection. In the past, in the production of the full shave, in modern times, some doctors only shave half or even 13. Two, the doctor will check the cervical finger into the vagina, to measure the use of fingers, understand the uterine cervix. Internal inspection will be repeated to determine the correct time into the delivery room.. The reason why nurses have to check is to find out more about the location of the fetus. It is not good for a lot of expectant mothers to go to the delivery room with two or three fingers. There are family members in the labour room, much easier than in the delivery room. Three, male doctor delivered by husband outside the specific see the most intimate place is awkward, but in fact do not think too much, they would see paralysis will not have what feeling, please believe that they are professional, give yourself to them. Male doctor is also good, with their strength is greater than female doctors, in dealing with unexpected situations more calm and help give birth smoothly. So, sister paper, bold move forward, you can not always go to the delivery room for a temporary doctor. Four, the general delivery is not inserted catheter inserted catheter, but if you are a caesarean section or vaginal delivery of bladder function by oppression, temporary loss and can not recover in time, then you will need to be inserted the catheter. Not only that, the doctor will come to watch your urine, no embarrassment, these are doctors for your health. Usually caesarean section of the mother, the catheter will be discharged 24 hours after the birth, to encourage her mother to urinate on their own bed. Five, if the stitches is born, it is still need to tear the side cutting, sewing needle. The sewing needle, than children still painful, because you can clearly feel the line through the meat of that kind of feeling, pain and fear. Do not know if the mother had the same feeling. The most embarrassing thing is that the doctor in your turn, ah, to check whether there is any other tear, but also to sew together. It feels like a doctor is sewing a dress, but the feeling of the needle through the meat. Six, the pregnant mother often constipation enema is a problem, which has often constipation feces accumulate in the intestinal tract, the sigmoid colon is located in the upper left pelvic bone, because there are a large number of intestinal fecal accumulation, smooth down childbirth often affect fetal head and internal rotation, so as to obstruct labor)相关的主题文章:

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