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The 23 year old bride to the beauty of the needle hit almost disfigured beauty no registration no qualification in new network reporter Li Hongxun newspaper Pingdingshan news September 12th, 23 year old Yexian County girl Wei Ke (a pseudonym) accompanied by his family, about her beauty nose pad encounter "black" beauty to Dahe reporter. In October this year, Wei Ke and her boyfriend set a wedding day. However, in September 2nd, Wei Ke is the bridge of the nose pad in Pingdingshan City, a beauty Museum called beauty needle, completely changed her wedding. According to Wei Ke, the museum called "beauty cosmetic injections grain mask" Queen museum is located in Pingdingshan City, miners Road Denis mall 15 floor A block. By Liu Yuanmei injection, injection of four parts of Wei ke. When Wei Ke finished needle hyaluronic acid in less than 12 hours, a series of symptoms began to appear: nose hair wood, purple, black, nose, nasal pain on both sides. After the incident, "grain mask" Ladies hall for Zhang Junxia, Liu Yuanmei admitted that after the inspection, hit a shot on the nose a mistake, just cause nasal embolism, must dissolve lytic enzyme. Two people to the Wei Ke wrote guarantee, said because of injection errors, a lytic enzyme to dissolve the nose hyaluronic acid, any situation today, will be in charge of. However, the morning of September 4th, had dissolved enzymes after Wei Ke found swollen nose, the nose appear black, pustule, rotten symptoms. Wei Ke hurried to contact Zhang Junxia, Liu Yuanmei, two people agree with her to the hospital for examination. After a plastic surgery hospital in Zhengzhou inspection, confirmation of Wei Ke limitations caused by vascular occlusion in the nose needle grain mask "Queen Museum 48 hours after the injection, nasal swelling, bruising, spotty purulent scar, bilateral nose side pain, again the symptoms were not improved after injection of plasmin, identified the complications caused by the Department of injection technology Wei ke. Plastic surgery hospital responsible for the treatment of Wei Ke’s doctors, even after hospital treatment after recovery, Wei Ke’s nose and left most colored scar, it is difficult to restore the original appearance of the nose. "Because of this nose error, the child’s wedding in October can not be held. This "black" beauty shop too deceptive." Wei Ke’s mother told reporters. September 12th morning, the reporters came to the "grain mask" Queen Museum, found here is the door closed, unable to find the beauty shop staff. The reporter then found through the health supervision department found that this beauty Museum is not registered, Zhang Junxia, Liu Yuanmei does not have plastic qualifications. The staff inquiry analysis, because the "grain mask" Queen Museum undeclared, do not have the qualification of the plastic case, beyond the scope of implementation to the customer without needle is illegal operation.相关的主题文章:

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