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The 12 year old students in Sichuan Lushan monkey bite head wounding Siege (Figure) – Beijing – ruthless role of junior middle school students Gon Freecss go home was a monkey siege, thanks to 3 workers out of mercy. – "from the long-term observation and hurtful situation, is more than 10, wounding monkfy in Tibetan macaque." Focus – although the last diversion of 100 monkeys, but the monkeys did not catch. "This year will once again apply shunt 110, emphasis is put on the often hurt the 10 only. The naughty Xichang Lushan scenic spot of the "big brother" and hurt. In September 23rd, a 12 year old Xichang junior student Gon Freecss was on his way home, Lushan monkey siege, six or seven big monkey jumped on him constantly bite. Gon Freecss head, arms and other body more than and 10 bites, only hospitalized. Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned from the scenic spot, 2015, Lushan monkey injuries to more than and 160, in order to solve the monkeys, approved by the provincial forestry department, capturing 100 monkeys to the field. However, the monkey is reduced, but the injury number remains high, said the end of this year to capture 110 scenic spots only diversion, the 10 key monkeys wounding. Scratch and bite the head bite most? Was the six or seven big monkey was bitten in the siege, into the most serious attack? Frequently, 10 days ago Chengdu tourists were bitten 26 days, in the surgical ward of Xichang People’s Hospital, 12 year old Gon Freecss lying in bed, the body multiple injuries. "This is the Mountain Lu monkey blame, too much." Speaking of Xichang Lushan monkey, Gon Freecss’s father still haunt gil. "When I arrived at the scene, he was bitten by a monkey." Mr. Ji told the Chengdu Daily reporter, this year Gon Freecss started reading, reading a middle school in Luzhou at the foot of the mountain, they lived in the Mountain Lu museum. Usually, Gon Freecss is in residence, only every weekend home, every time after from the stairway near Lushan war memorial monument. Gon Freecss said that when the incident, he went home alone, did not mention anything like snacks. Go to the monument in the vicinity of the trail, a group of monkeys ran out, about six or seven big monkey jumped on him, scratch and bite, bite the head of the most fierce. Gon Freecss the monkey revolt, has become more and more fierce, PuDao who bite. The scene of the incident, three kind of rescue workers. They introduced the day after work, go home just found Gon Freecss was many attack, did not think they came to rescue, and help drive monkeys. I told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, those monkeys too fierce, not afraid of people. They throw stones, find branches waving off the monkey, "you catch them, monkey but more fierce, but again came to attack us, also wants to protest." Monkey man war lasted more than 10 minutes, the group was eventually master three people away. Currently, Gon Freecss still can not go to school, is still in hospital for treatment, has spent more than 4000 yuan. Chengdu Daily reporter from the Xichang Qionghai Lushan Scenic Area Management Bureau, Gon Freecss in recent years is the most serious one bite,!相关的主题文章:

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