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Ten games can be played for a lifetime to be more patient to see the game has a lot of game story long, difficult, the map is not big, you can play the game for a long time. Players want to play a game for a long time, the first game itself to be exciting, rich in content. The following small inventory inventory as long as you have the patience to play the game for a lifetime. 10, "fuel" racing game need so long process? At least fuel is not worth the time. The virtual world of the game is nearly 1 million 300 thousand hectares, sounds pretty amazing. Once the game started, you will find that the racing game does not need so much space. In addition, from the short track can be seen in the game system is not reliable, Its loopholes appeared one after another.; no one long track challenge across the entire virtual world. The vast world is the biggest selling point of the game, but unfortunately no opportunity to play. "Fuel" "" "fuel" fuel 9, "3" Gothic "Gothic 3" not only has a huge virtual world, and design a variety of tasks and construction options, let the game player to immerse themselves in the research and exploration. Unfortunately, "the Gothic 3" and "the elder scrolls of 4: Oblivion". Moreover, even if it is not compared with the ancient scrolls 4, the "Gothic Dynasty 3" too realistic task and poor combat system also brings a lot of difficulties for the players. The depth of the game is beyond doubt, but in the end to explore the story to promote the design of the game is too boring. Sometimes, for the sake of the great adventure of the future, the player can endure a temporary defensive. Can be trivial and boring "Gothic 3" no convincing: massive content is already a time of black hole, and the game mechanism let game player completely at a distance. "Gothic" "Gothic" "Gothic" 8, "2 times", "thief: metal thief 2" is not only the history of the most important and the most beautiful dive into the game, and timeless, attracting many game player still linger. However, only a small number of players clearance. Although the dream, "Joe 2" process is still too long — even if there is little error but also has an excellent sense of direction, game player at least 30 hours before the customs clearance. While most people almost double the customs clearance time. So the playable game is very popular, but its dive play is too realistic, most of the time is spent in the waiting game player on time. The game design is exquisite, customs clearance easier said than done. "The 2" "2" "2" Dodger Dodger 7, "the demon soul" love "soul of darkness" of the game player must want to experience the series masterpiece "the demon soul". However, they are likely to give up halfway. There are many reasons, and the biggest problem is: "demon soul" lack of "soul of darkness" as optimization. The game blueprint for similar, but from the combat system to prop management, the gap is very obvious; and the difficulty of the game is very different. Although these games are a test of the player’s operation. On the distribution of the soul of the devil.相关的主题文章:

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